September 2020,Volume 23,No.27 Contents in Brief

3375 Summary of the Cognitive Impairment Screening Recommendations for Community-dwelling Older Adults
AI Yating,HU Hui
3381 Analysis and Prospect of Hot Topics in Mild Cognitive Impairment Research in China
XUE Mengting,JIANG Rongrong,HUANG Anle,BU Zihan,LI Qingyun,XU Guihua
3389 Value of Hematological Parameters in Predicting Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events after PCI in Patients with Acute STEMI
CHEN Xinsen,SHAO Meng,ZHANG Tian,ZHANG Hongyan,MENG Youbao,HAI Hua,LI Guihua
3396 A Phenomenology Study on Medical Delay in Patients with Acute Exacerbation of COPD
JIANG Zongliang,WANG Haibo,WANG Yuyan,MA Lijun,SUN Naya,ZHANG Weihong
3402 Prognostic Value of Pediatric Critical Illness Score in Combination with Glasgow Coma Scale and Video EEG Monitoring in Severe Viral Encephalitis in Children
JIANG Shaoqing,PAN Xuanren,PANG Zongqin,PANG Jiyan
3408 Diagnostic Value of Noninvasive Evaluation Model of Liver Fibrosis in Chronic Hepatitis B
TANG Long,DENG Yongqiong,WANG Hong,ZHANG Zhihong,LI Xiaoming
3416 Relationship of Abnormal Coagulation with Plasma TF-MPs and P-selectin in Patients with Chronic Mountain Sickness
WANG Zhuoya,YANG Faman,ZHOU Hongmei,LIU Ji,WANG Yuanjun,LI Xiaoping,JING Zehui
3422 The Value of Umbilical Cord Blood Culture in Premature Infants with Early-onset Sepsis
YANG Suyan,SUN Fuqiang,DUAN Yang
3427 Causes of Cancer Death in Urban Residents of Yingkou from 2013 to 2018
CHEN Lili,CHENG Xiaoping,BAI Mingyu,LI Ying
3433 Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Surgery for Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in Elderly Patients at High Risk for General Anesthesia
GAO Shangju,LI Wenyi,ZHANG Long,WEI Jingchao,CAO Can
3440 Recent Advances in Multimorbidity Treatment Burden Assessment Tools
DOU Liyuan,HUANG Juan,GUO Lixiang
3444 Advances in Sarcopenia Screening Tools in the Elderly
LU Jinling,XU Qin,HUA Hongxia,XU Xinyi,DING Lingyu
3449 Compilation,Validity and Reliability of Questionnaire on Kano Model-based Service Needs among Older People in Integrated Medical and Nursing Institutions
LIU Xiaochu,GU Li,SUNZI Kejimu,YANG Liangqin,JU Mei
3457 TCM Treatment for AECOPD Patients with Drug-resistant Lung Infections
LENG Jianchun
3460 Effects of rTMS Combined with Hyperbaric Oxygen-acupuncture-rehabilitation Therapy on Motor Function,Serum CRP and Plasma Dopamine in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
SHI Qiang,LUO Qin,GONG Qinping,WANG Gang
3466 Advances in Research on the Effects of Regulating Lipid Metabolism Using Astragalus Mongholicus and Pseudo-ginseng on MACE and Analysis of Potential Mechanisms
LU Jianqi,LIN Hao,ZHU Zhide,PAN Chaoxin,WANG Qinggao,PANG Yan
3474 Clinical Analysis of Immunoglobulin Amyloid Light-chain Cardiac Amyloidosis
WANG Liming,TIAN Ying,ZHAO Lei,YANG Xinchun
3479 Clinical Features of 17 Patients with Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
LIANG Na,WANG Liang,LIU Yaling,ZHANG Haibo,ZHAO Wenyan,REN Bowen
3484 Angionecrosis at the Injection Site Accompanied by Adjacent Skin Ulceration due to Intravenous Drip of Aciclovir in Infants
OUYANG Yan,ZENG Xinhua,LI Ting,ZHU Huifang,LUO Kaiyuan
3488 Recent Advances in Parenteral Nutrition-associated Metabolic Bone Disease
HU Jing,LI Mei
3492 Research Progress of Neutrophil Gelatinase-associated Lipocalin in Coronary Heart Disease
CUI Xiaohao,YANG Zhiming
3496 Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Perianal Paget's Disease
YAN Guilin,DU Yuanfang,PU Yongping,LIU Li,YANG Xiangdong


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