June 2020,Volume 23,No.16 Contents in Brief

1967 Recommendations for Supplementing and Revising the Contents and Standards of Standardized General Practice Residency Training Program(2019 Revised Edition)
General Practitioner Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
1972 Interpretation of 2019 Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack in over 16s:Diagnosis and Initial Management from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence(1)
LI Zhenghuan,SONG Xueli,LIU Xin,WANG Fei,CHEN Yang
1977 Interpretation of 2019 Hypertension:the Clinical Management of Primary Hypertension in Adults from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
1982 Evaluation of Chronic Disease Patients on Community Health Services and Its Influence on the Selection of Medical Institutions under the Medical Treatment Alliance
HU Wenshuang,ZHANG Ning,FENG Guosheng
1989 Status Quo of Active Aging among Rural Elderly and Its Influencing Factors
LI Hongjie,ZHANG Yan,YU Zijuan,WANG Ronghua,ZHAO Jing,DU Cancan,TIAN Yutong,LIU Zhen
1996 Needs Assessment of Pediatric Outpatient Clinic in Community for Children Aged 0-3
LIU Yuchun,DU Xueping,DING Jing,DING Lan,WU Lin
2002 The Construction of Essential Elements of Standard Complex and Establishment of Comprehensive Standardization Path for Community Health Services
WANG Kouzhu,YANG Weina,MA Xuedong,WEI Xinping,TANG Chunhong
2007 Development of Enterprise Standards for Community Health Services Based on PDCA Cycle
YANG Weina,WANG Kouzhu,MA Xuedong,WEI Xinping,TANG Chunhong
2012 Application Research on Systematic Evaluation of Enterprise Standards for Community Health Services:Taking the Colorectal Cancer Screening as an Example
YANG Weina,WANG Kouzhu,MA Xuedong,WEI Xinping,TANG Chunhong
2020 Main Practices and Results of Comprehensive Standardization Construction for Community Health Services in Minhang District of Shanghai
WANG Kouzhu,YANG Weina,MA Xuedong,WEI Xinping,TANG Chunhong
2025 Development from Helicobacter Pylori Infection,Gastritis and Gastric Intraepithelial Neoplasia to Gastric Cancer:an Individual-level Dynamic Study
SUN Ke,XU Mengqing,CAO Chong,WANG Xiaojun,YIN Qihang,WANG Lijie,ZHANG Wenjie
2030 Effects of a 30% Low-carbohydrate Diet on Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
ZENG Ting,LIN Chuhui,YE Xiaofang,DENG Yuhong
2034 Application of Intra-hospital + Home-based Continuous Cardiac Rehabilitation Model in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction after Emergency Coronary Intervention
ZHAO Dongjing,TANG Wei,CAO Shujun,SUN Pengyu,HU Shuoqiang,TONG Zichuan
2040 Blood Pressure Characteristics of Residents Based on Accurate Pressure Measurement
ZHOU Feng,CAI Huiyong,GAO Jiabao,REN Ling,DING Lijin
2044 Correlation between Severity of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Skeletal Muscle Malnutrition
LI Hongyue,WEN Youfeng,LIAN Jie,PAN Dianzhu
2051 Clinical Effect of Ginger and Citri Reticulatae Stomach-warming Ointment Combined with Tropisetron and Dexamethasone in Preventing Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting
2057 Current Situation of Doctor-patient Communication Competence Training Based on the Post Competency of General Practitioners and Corresponding Countermeasures
PANG Jianxin,WANG Yongchen
2062 Effect of ISBAR Communication Training Model on Communication Skills and Teamwork Ability of General Practitioners Participating in Standardized Residency Training
CAO Meng,WANG Tao,ZHAI Qianqian,QIN Yan
2067 The Effect of Reform Measures in Primary Health Care on the Effectiveness of Diabetes Management in China
JIANG Wei,ZHANG Yanchun,DONG Yali,LI Xinfang,QIN Jiangmei
2072 The Content Construction of Dementia Management in Community Based on Delphi Method
ZHANG Haina,WANG Meirong,CHEN Xiaolei,XU Xiaojingyuan,LI Jing,WANG Huali,DU Juan
2080 Exercise Status of Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Its Influencing Factors in Community
WANG Zhuo,YE Tong,LIU Huihui
2085 Research Advances in Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
GOU Chunli,LIU Yongming
2090 Research Progress on the Relationship between Stroke Environment and Social Participation
WANG Wenna,ZHANG Leyun,FU Bo,LIN Beilei,ZHANG Zhenxiang


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