March 2020, Volume 23,No.7 Abstracts(B)

 Advances in Current Situation of Elder Abuse and Its Influencing Factors in Rural Areas of China DU Yage,PEI Li,DOU Haoying*,TIAN Xinyu
School of Nursing,Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Tianjin 301617,China
*Corresponding author:DOU Haoying,Associate professor,Master supervisor;
【Abstract】 With the continuous increase of the elderly population,a series of problems of supporting the elderly have emerged in China.Among them,the most significant problem is elder abuse,which is more common in rural areas than in cities.Elder abuse not only infringes rights of the elderly,but also seriously affects their physical and mental health.It is more likely to increase the risk of diseases in the elderly and accelerate their death.In general,most researchers categorize elder abuse into five types:physical abuse,mental abuse,economic abuse,negligent care and sexual abuse.Among them,mental abuse is the most common type in rural areas of China,followed by negligent care.In this paper,we elaborate on the current situation and the prevalence of elder abuse in rural areas of China.And then we make a summary of influencing factors of elder abuse,including own factors of the elderly,such as female,the advanced age,low education level,poor physical health,depression and so on,and other factors,such as caregiver stress,family intergenerational support and social factors in order to provide the reference for reducing elder abuse in the future.
【Key words】 Rural health;Elder abuse;Health services for the aged;Staus quo;Root cause analysis;Review


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