March 2020,Volume 23,No.7 Contents in Brief

761 The Challenges and Responsibilities of Family Doctors in the New Global Coronavirus Outbreak
LI Guodong
763 Guidance on the Control and Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Primary Healthcare Settings in Rural China(First Edition)
ZHANG Dongying,YAO Mi,WANG Jiaji,YE Dan,CHEN Qingqi,GUO Fagang,ZOU Chuan,LIN Kai,LU Hui,HUANG Xiang,ZHENG Jinping,CHI Chunhua,ZHONG Nanshan
770 Expert Advice on Hypertension Management in Counties in the Context of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Hypertension Group,Professional Committee for Chronic Disease Management,Association of County Hospital President
774 Integrated Care Model for Screening and Multidisciplinary Collaboration of Community Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
LIU Yanli,MA Li
779 Theory and Implementation of General-specialty Hierarchical Management Mode for Chronic Heart Failure
DAI Huimin,BU Jun,ZHANG Fang,ZHU Min,TANG Lan
784 Effect of the Regional Cooperative Treatment System on the Treatment Efficiency and Short-term Prognosis of Patients with Acute ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction
CAO Mengzhu,QIAO Zengyong
789 Problems Affecting Contracted Family Doctor Services and Their Severity Based on Literature Analysis
CHEN Haoyang,LI Xiangyi,YAN Ruyu,CAO Zhihui
795 Medical Insurance Payment Reform of Chongqing Medical Consortium
LIU Lei,FU Xiao,HU Yueyi,ZHANG Bin
799 Cognition of Hierarchical Medical System among Residents and Its Influencing Factors in Henan Province
CHEN Zhengxu,MENG Lingchao,YUAN Liufei,CHANG Zhu,ZHANG Wang,LIANG Shimin,TIAN Yuhui
803 Number and Disease Profile of Patients Discharged from Community Health Centers in Shanghai's Rural-urban Fringe
RU Xueying,PAN Zhigang,WANG Tianhao,GAO Junling
808 Effect of Smoking on the Risk of Acute Pancreatitis: a Prospective Cohort Study
SUN Qiu,ZHU Guoling,ZHANG Bing,JI Ruigeng,ZHAO Li,LI Guangjian,REN Qingshuai,MA Yihan,WU Shouling
813 Comparison of the Value of Anthropometric Indicators and Triglycerides Glucose Index in the Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome
CHEN Haijing,XIN Zhong,WANG Xuhong,YU Caiguo
819 Incorrect Use of DPI and Associated Factors among Stable COPD Patients
HE Shengdong,YANG Shudong,HE Xinbing,LUO Jinwei,HUANG Zhijian
823 Meridian-sinew Theory-based Treatment for Cervical Tinnitus with Blade Needle Therapy:a Randomized Controlled Trial
LIANG Weili,LI Wenchun,PAN Qingdong,ZENG Wenbi,HE Caihui
828 Clinical Value of Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules
LI Tian,LI Xiaodong,LIU Jingyu
832 Effect of Isosorbide Mononitrate on Exercise Tolerance and Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
837 Construction of Quality Control Evaluation System for Community Diabetes Management in Different Disease Stages
CHEN Xubo,JIANG Minmin,GU Wenjuan,WANG Yan,YE Jianhua,LIU Jie,ZHANG Ming,FAN Liangliang,HONG Bo,FAN Qingsong
844 Patient Self-management of Diabetes Using the Mobile Terminal APP:a Self-controlled,Comparative Study in Fangzhuang Community Health Service Center
WANG Qi,WU Hao,WEI Xuejuan,GAO Wenjuan,LIU Xinying,JIA Hongyan
849 Knowledge of Stroke Prevention and Treatment and Associated Factors among Hospitalized Diabetic Patients:a Questionnaire Survey
XU Hongbo,YANG Lilei,XUE Fang,ZHANG Haigang,CHEN Libo,WU Jinglan
855 Effects of Extraesophageal Symptoms on the Anxiety and Depression,Quality of Life and Treatment Effect in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
OUYANG Hao,XUE Qian,WANG Jingtong
861 Gender Differences in the Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Emotional Reactivity
LIANG Jingyu,CAO Qian
866 The Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment of Children's Fever in Primary Health Care Institutions
QIN Hongli,REN Jingjing
870 Progressive Retinopathy Shortly after Treatment of New-onset Diabetes Mellitus: a Case Report and Literature Review
874 Recent Advances in Treatment Burden of Multimorbidity in Elderly Patients
DOU Liyuan,HUANG Juan,ZHANG Zhenxiang,YE Sen,ZHANG Mengke
880 Advances in Research on Comorbidities in Elderly Cancer Patients
LI Sisi,ZHANG Yan,LI Hongjie,DU Cancan,ZHAO Jing
884 Advances in Current Situation of Elder Abuse and Its Influencing Factors in Rural Areas of China
DU Yage,PEI Li,DOU Haoying,TIAN Xinyu


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