December 2019,Volume 22,No.36 Contents in Brief

4409 Research Progress on Health Literacy of Stroke
SUN Huijun,LU Jianping,ZHANG Jie,ZHANG Yaqing
4415 Advances in Risk Assessment of Post-stenting Ischemic and Bleeding Events Caused by Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
ZHOU Suzhe,PAN Zhigang
4420 Interpretation of Multi-disciplinary Consensus Statement Document Vaccinal Prevention in Adult Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
LI Xu,ZHANG Ziqiang
4424 Relationship between Types of Serum Antibodies Against H.pylori and Gastric Diseases
HE Yuan,ZHAO Jing,LIN Yong
4429 Value of Changes in Heart Rate Deceleration Capacity and Deceleration Runs in Children with Asymptomatic Vasovagal Syncope
YAN Fei,WU Rui,HAN Yaqi,WANG Wentao,WANG Yaohan,ZHANG Xinyu
4434 Risk Factors of Microembolism in the Blood Supply Region of the Contralateral Carotid Artery after Unilateral Carotid Stenting
CHEN Xuecong,KONG Wenting,ZHANG Yueqi,ZHU Xiaolong,ZHANG Shuyun,SHI Baolin
4439 Effects of Early Therapy of Somatostatin and/or Terlipressin Combined with Endoscopy Intervention for the Treatment of Bleeding Gastroesophageal Varices in Hepatic Cirrhosis
GONG Min,WANG Guiliang,LIN Qiuman,QIU Ping,XU Linfang,HAN Ming,LI Xing,WEN Jianbo
4447 Age-based Analysis of Spectral Characteristics of Sleep EEG in Patients with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea-hypopnea Syndrome
MO Jianming,XU Ping,TANG Anjue,LI Wei,SONG Weidong
4453 Conditioned Medium Derived from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Inflammatory Pre-activation Regulates Inflammatory Response to Necrotizing Enterocolitis
ZHU Xiaobo,MA Faxin,FENG Lin,ZHENG Yue,SHA Weihong,CHEN Hao
4460 Clinical Characteristics of Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
HE Yang,JIN Jun,WANG Jun,YANG Haifei
4465 Lung Protective Effect of Perioperative Intravenous Infusion of Lidocaine in Patients after Radical Resection of Esophageal Cancer
YUAN Linfang,ZHAO Wenjing,LIU Yue,WU Bianliang,HUANG Yizhou
4471 The Analgesic Effect of Exogenous Oxytocin on Peripheral Nervous System
LUO Yafan,HAN Yi,DI Chang,LI Guoping,CHEN Shaochun
4476 Self-rated Health Status and Influencing Factors in College Students
YANG Xiulan,WANG Wanlu,WU Meng,YU Wanwan
4482 Clinical Features of SAPHO Syndrome
WANG Weitao,ZHENG Zhaohui,XIE Ronghua,WU Zhenbiao
4488 Clinical Response and Changes in Serum 5-HT in Patients with Diarrhea-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treated with Anchang Decoction:a Study from the Perspective of Visceral Sensitivity
CAI Linkun,HUANG Shi,PENG Zhuoyu,HUANG Yalan,TAO Lifen,LAN Siying
4493 Effects of Pingtusan Compounds on the Expression of MMP and TIMP in Retroocular Fibroblasts after CD40L Stimulation
WAN Hong,CHEN Yalin,CUI Yaping,YU Dandan,YAN Shuxun
4499 Research Progress of Effective Constituents in Traditional Chinese Medicine against Glioma and the Application of New Dosage Forms
PANG Xiaochen,GAO Dandan,CHAI Zhongqiu,ZHANG Jingsha,ZHOU Bing
4504 Predictive Value of Cardiopulmonary Ultrasonography Parameters on Mechanical Ventilation Weaning Results in Elderly Patients with Sepsis
JIANG Mingming,ZHANG Xuejia,CHEN Zhixin,SUN Bo,ZHANG Tianqing,HU Xuezhong,
SUN Qin,XU Yulu,FANG Qiang
4511 Analysis of Blood Flow Information for the Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules with Coarse Calcification
QIU Qianyi,OUYANG Jiabao,CHEN Qi,WU Changjun
4515 Clinical Analysis and Differential Diagnosis of Non-conducted Premature Atrial Contractions Using a Lorenz-RR Scatter Plot and Reverse Technique
WU Qiuhua,GONG Chun,WU Honglin
4520 Integral Theory-based Trans-perineum Ultrasound Exploration of the Pathogenesis of Stress Urinary Incontinence during Pregnancy
LUO Dan,CHEN Ling,YU Xiajuan,JIN Mei,CAI Wenzhi
4526 Research Progress in Cognitive Function Assessment Tools for Patients with Advanced Dementia
ZHAO Yan,LIAN Haijuan,SHEN Xuhui,LI Lihong,XU Meiying
4532 Using Beers Criteria to Manage Medication Regimens for Elder Patients with Multimorbidity in Primary Care:a Case Study
QIU Shanjiao,HUANG Wenjing


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