September 2019,Volume 22,No.25 Contents in Brief

 3023 Curriculum Development: a How to Primer
Jill Schneiderhan,Timothy C Guetterman,Margaret L Dobson(writing),ZHANG Yanan(translator),HAN Jianjun,XU Yanli,YANG Hui(reviser)
3028 Continuous Quality Improvement Methodology:a Case Study on Multidisciplinary Collaboration to Improve Chlamydia Screening
Allison Ursu,Grant Greenberg,Michael McKee(writing),WANG Yang(translator),HAN Jianjun,XU Yanli,YANG Hui(reviser)
3035 Conducting Health Policy Analysis in Primary Care Research:Turning Clinical Ideas into Action
Alina Engelman,Ben Case,Lisa Meeks,Michael D Fetters(writing),ZHAO Xinyue(translator),HAN Jianjun,XU Yanli,YANG Hui(reviser)
3041 Needs of Home-based Health Services Delivered by Community Healthcare Institutions among China's Elderly People
TAN Wenjing,CHEN Gong
3049 Bi-directional Referral Situation and Influencing Factors in Haidian Community-dwelling Residents Receiving Healthcare Services from a Regional Medical Consortium
3055 Working Models of Family Doctor Assistants in Jiading District of Shanghai:a Current Survey
LU Qiuxia,CHEN Ping,ZHAI Jiayi,TAO Qiongying
3062 Construction of a New General Medical Services System Using the Internet
ZHANG Zhaochun,HU Haiyuan,ZHANG Yili
3068 Information Construction in Community Health Service Centers and Implications for Policy
XIA Yinghua,HONG Zihui,CAO Rong,LIU Guoheng,CAI Hui,HE Qun
3076 Exploration and Practice of Internet Plus Contracted Family Doctor Services
3082 Prevalence and Economic Risks of Common Chronic Non-communicable Diseases among Older Adults in Rural Yunnan Province
LI Xiao,CAI Le,CUI Wenlong,WANG Xuming,HUANG Jingjing,WU Chao,LYU Siqi
3088 Relationship between Thyroid Hormone Levels and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Euthyroid Population
LIU Yiting,WANG Wei
3094 Relationship of Lipid Accumulation Product and Alcohol Consumption with Risk of Hypertension in Men
SUN Liangliang,XIE Hong,ZHANG Yanfang,WANG Lihua
3099 Analysis of the Difference between the Prevalence of Caries and Eating Patterns of Preschool Children Aged 3 to 5 in the North and South of Jiangxi Province
YAO Yao,OU Xiaoyan,ZHOU Xiaojun,ZHOU Yinshuang,LUO Die,LAI Jiawei
3104 Glycosylated Hemoglobin Control and Associated Factors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Community
YANG Lijuan,ZHU Wenkui,XU Qi,DU Zhaohui,ZHANG Linying,TANG Xiaochun,XUE Weibin,CAO Yi,QIAO Huihua,ZHAO Hui,XUE Jinhua,XUE Feng
3110 Relationship of H-type Hypertension with Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project Classification and Short-term Outcome of Acute Cerebral Infarction
ZHANG Tian,FENG Xiaoli,WANG Tan,XU Zhongzhong
3116 Cost-benefit Analysis of Emergency Hepatitis B Vaccination in Beijing from 1992 to 2013
WANG Xi,YUAN Shuting,BAI Qian,WU Jiang,SHI Xuefeng
3121 Effect of Application of Clinical Pathway on Cost Control of Respiratory Inpatient Care in Primary Healthcare Facilities
REN Xiaohong,XU Yunli,MAO Shan,TONG Bin,JI Li,SUN Di,SHAO Hongtao
3125 Moderation Effect of Family Interpersonal Relationship in the Path from Anger Trait and Expression to Anxiety among College Students
LIU Liang,LIU Cuilian,ZHAO Xudong
3132 Mediating Role of Attentional Control in the Relationship between Irrational Beliefs and Social Anxiety
LI Ci,LI Tiantian,CAO Jianqin,SU Hong,SUN Hao,CAI Yunjiang
3137 Therapeutic Evaluation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea Treated by Warming the Spleen and Stomach and Nourishing the Gut
ZHAO Hongbo,WU Xiaojing,YANG Yun,GE Zhiming


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