April 2018,Volume 21,No.10 Contents in Brief

 1135 Training Development Report of GPs2018

WU NingCHENG Ming-yangYAN Li-naQIAN Wen-yiZHANG Guang-peng

1143 The Elderly Health Care Services in Different Countries and Regions and its Enlightenment to the Mainland China

WANG Xiao-diLouis YenGUO QingCHEN Ya-tingHU Jun-jiang

1154 Equity of Health Resource Distribution in Community Health Service Institutions in China

LI Zhi-gangDU Fu-yiLI Li-qing

1161 Development of a Performance Appraisal System for Essential Public Health Service Delivery Institutions in Chongqing

CHENG Sa-nuoHE PingDENG YuPAN LunHU BinWU Jian-huaDENG Zhong-quan

1167 Policies Associated with the Implementation of Hierarchical Medical System across Different Provinces of the Mainland of Chinaa Comparative Study

ZHANG YiLU Dong-minCHEN Ya-pingZHUANG Yi-yu

FENG Wen-mingSHEN Jian-tongWEN Qiu-yue

1177 Present Situation of Medical Services for Children and Problems and Suggestions in the Implementation of Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment for Children in China

PAN Zi-hanYAO MiQI Jian-guang

1183 Development of Hierarchical Treatment for Hypertension in Chinaa Study Based on the Analysis of Hypertension Treatment Pathways

WANG Li-pingXU Ai-jun

1188 Theory and Implementation of General-specialty Hierarchical Management Mode for Type 2 Diabetes

DAI Hui-minLIU WeiWU Pei-hongZHU MinCHEN YuDU Zhao-hui

1193 Low-carbohydrate Diet Combined with Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss and Glycemic  Control among Overweight and Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes a Single-center Randomized  Controlled Trial

HUANG Ya-fangMENG Zhao-xiaMA Ming-xingGUO Ai-min

1198 Risk Factors for 1-year Mortality in Elderly Patients after Hip Fracture Surgery

ZHANG Xin-yuAN ShuaiHUANG JiangLIU Li-min

1203 Factors Associated with the Recurrence of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax after Closed Chest Drainage in Adolescents

ZHANG Jin-weiCUI Yuan-taoSONG Shi-hui

1207 Differential Diagnosis of Hypoplastic Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Aplastic Anemia Based on BP Neural Network Model

ZHANG Xiao-yaWANG Ke-keWU Jian-huiWANG Guo-liZHOU YingYUAN XinWANG QianCAO Ying-zhiSONG YuLIU BinSONG JieYIN Su-feng

1212 Optimal Cut-off Value of Plasma D-dimer in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism in Lung Cancer Patients

WAN Jing-xuanLI Hong-hongYANG Ye-mengMA Lin

1216 Predictors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

ZHENG Xiao-dongYANG JieHU Xian-qingZHOU Qing-diaoLING Si-si

1221 Theses of Students Pursuing a Degree of Master of General Practice in China during 20082017: a Literature Review

MA YongLI Yi

1225 Discussion of the Role of Clinical Decision Support System in the Development of General Practitioners



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