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GAO YZHAO D B.Interpretation of 2017 American College of Rheumatology Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment of Glucocorticoid-Induced OsteoporosisJ.Chinese General Practice2018216):627-632.

Interpretation of 2017 American College of Rheumatology Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis GAO YingZHAO Dong-bao*

Department of Rheumatology and ImmunologyChanghai HospitalShanghai 200433China

*Corresponding authorZHAO Dong-baoProfessorChief

   【Abstract】 Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosisGIOP ranks first in secondary osteoporosis. The effect of glucocorticoidsGCs on bone mass persists and there is no safety threshold. Thereforeprevention and treatment of GCs is always appropriate at any time. With more evidence and experience gained about clinically important features of GIOPits fracture risk assessment and better decisions during intervention period and follow-upthe American College of Rheumatology again launched the new GIOP guidelines in 2017. This article summarized the fracture risk stratificationtiming of assessment and reassessmentinitial and follow-up treatment strategies for general/special populations in order to update notion of clinicians treating GIOP.

   【Key words】 OsteoporosisGlucocorticoidsFracturesboneGuidebooks


Historical Development of In Vitro Diagnostics Technology in China XING Jing-hua

Institute of Medical HumanitiesPeking UniversityBeijing 100191China

   【Abstract】 Since the founding of new Chinathe development of in vitro diagnostics technology in China has been more than 60 years from the original manual method to the whole process of standardizationintelligentautomated management with different characteristics in different times. The discipline concept of in vitro diagnostics changes from medical examination to laboratory medicine providing clinically significant pathological and physiological informationwhich is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

   【Key words】 Diagnostic techniques and proceduresChinaIn vitro diagnostic


Recent Developments in the Association of Anxiety and Depression with Blood Pressure Variability WANG Shu-juanZHANG Qing-tan*

Department of Geriatric MedicineBinzhou Medical University HospitalBinzhou 256600China

*Corresponding authorZHANG Qing-tanProfessorChief

   【Abstract】 With the rapid development of societythe prevalence and incidence of anxiety and depression are increasing. Most studies have confirmed that anxiety and depression are closely related to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. As a parameter recently used for monitoring the changes in blood pressureblood pressure variabilityBPV can well reflect the blood pressure status over a 24-hour periodcircadian variations of blood pressurecircadian rhythm of blood pressurehence it is contribute to the evaluation of the curative effect of anti-hypertensionand to the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. We reviewed the recent studies concerning the impact and mechanism of action of anxiety and depression on BPVand proposed an effective and safe anti-hypertension regimen.

   【Key words】 AnxietyDepressionBlood pressure variability


Association Analysis on Clinical Objective Indicators and Patient-reported Outcomes in Patients with Stroke based on the SF-36 Scale XU Qing-an1CHANG Lyu-hua2WAN Chong-hua1*SUN Feng-qin2XU Chuan-zhi3LIU Zhou4

1.Research Center on Quality of Life and Applied PsychologySchool of Humanities and ManagementGuangdong Medical UniversityDongguan 523808China

2.Department of NeurologyFirst Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical UniversityKunming 650032China

3.School of Public HealthKunming Medical UniversityKunming 650500China

4.Institute of NeurologyGuangdong Medical UniversityZhanjiang 524001China

*Corresponding authorWAN

   【Abstract】 Objective To explore the relationship between patient-reported outcomesPRO and clinical objective indicators in stroke patients. Methods One hundred inpatients diagnosed with stroke and received treatment in Department of NeurologyFirst Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University from May 2010 to March 2011 were selected as the subjectsand SF-36 Scale was used to measure their PRO. The clinical objective indicators measured on the second day after admission were collected from the medical recordsincluding albuminglobulinureafasting blood glucoseblood potassiumplatelet countactivated partial thromboplastin timeand degree of education. The correlation between PRO and clinical objective indicators was analyzed by simple correlation and canonical correlation. Results Simple correlation analysis showed that globulin was negatively correlated with bodily painBP),vitalityVT)(P<0.05 urea was negatively correlated with physical functioningPF)(P<0.05 fasting blood glucose was negatively correlated with general health perceptionsGH)(P<0.05 blood potassium was negatively correlated with PFP<0.05 platelet count was negatively correlated with PFP<0.05 educational level was positively correlated with PFBPVTand emotional role functioningRE)(P<0.05 . Canonical correlation analysis showed that canonical variables(μ1,ν1),(μ2,ν2 existed correlationr=0.536 0r=0.325 6P<0.05 . Canonical variable coefficient of globulin and μ1 was -0.832 2canonical variable coefficient of activated partial thromboplastin time and μ1was 0.358 5canonical variable coefficient of platelet count and μ2 was 0.581 6canonical variable coefficient of educational level and μ2 was 0.672 0canonical variable coefficient of VT and ν1 was 1.061 7canonical variable coefficient of mental healthMH and ν1 was -0.761 8canonical variable coefficient of PF and ν2 was -0.950 1canonical variable coefficient of GH and ν2 was 0.443 8. Globulin was highly negatively correlated with μ1r=-0.835 0P<0.05. PF was highly negatively correlated with ν2r=-0.738 6P<0.05 . VT was highly positively correlated with ν1r=0.727 2P<0.05 . Conclusion Clinical objective indicators correlate with PROs in stroke patients. Thereforetaking interventions based on the values of these indicators is of some significance in improving the PROs of these patients.

   【Key words】 StrokePatient-reported outcomesClinical objective indicatorsCorrelation analysis


Functional Connectivity of Default-Mode Network Related Brain Regions in Female Patients with Depressiona Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study LI Jing12ZHAO Bing13WANG Xi-lin1*LIAO Jin-min1LIU Ying4ZHANG Han5CHEN Man-man6

1.Peking University Sixth Hospital / Institute of Mental HealthPeking University / Key Laboratory of Mental HealthMinistry of HealthPeking University),Beijing 100191China

2.Psychiatric DepartmentBeijing Huilongguan HospitalBeijing 100096China

3.Neurology DepartmentChangzhi People's HospitalChangzhi 046000China

4.Radiology DepartmentPeking University Third HospitalBeijing 100191China

5.Psychiatric DepartmentBeijing Huaxin HospitalBeijing 100016China

6.Qingdao Mental Health CenterQingdao 266000China

*Corresponding authorWANG Xi-linChief

   【Abstract】 Objective To explore the


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