February 2018,Volume 21,No.4 Contents in Brief

 375 Framework of the Referral System in Primary Care Practice

YU Ming-jieLI LiKUANG Li

382 Community-based Diabetes Health Education in Canada and its Enlightenment to China

TANG Jing-jingSHI Rong

390 Efficiency of Community Health Service Centers in China during 20132015: a Synchronic and Diachronic Study

ZHAO LinZHANG YaoHOU Ya-bingYAN Gui-ming

395 Causes and Countermeasures for Inefficient Development of "1+1+1" Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment Pattern in Western China

WANG HuiMENG Mei-fenFAN Lu-mingZHANG Li-ping

401 Community Residents' Awareness and Willingness towards Contractual Services from Family Doctors

WANG Liang-chenGE MinJIANG PingZHU Min-jieZHAO Xin-pingLIANG HongHUANG Jiao-lingLIU Shan-shanZHANG Yi-min

407 Effects of Contractual Services from Family Doctors on the Healthcare-seeking Behavior among Community Residents

LIU Shan-shanGE MinJIANG PingZHU Min-jieLIANG hongHUANG Jiao-lingFANG ShuaiZHAO De-yuZHANG Yi-min

411 Awareness and Utilization of the Contractual Services among Residents Signing a Contract with a Family Doctor

LIU Shan-shanGE MinJIANG PingZHU Min-jieLIANG HongHUANG Jiao-lingFANG ShuaiZHAO De-yuZHANG Yi-min

415 Effects of Coordinated Reform in the Delivery of Contractual Services by Family Doctors on the Orderly Diagnosis and Treatment Pattern

GE MinJIANG PingZHU Min-jieWANG Liang-chenZHAO Xin-pingLIANG HongFANG ShuaiHUANG Jiao-lingZHANG Yi-min

420 Gait Characteristics under Single- and Dual-task Conditions and Their Relationships with Falls among Community-dwelling Elderly People

WANG LiYU Wei-huaXU Zhong-mei

426 Value of TIMI Risk Score for the Prediction of Type 1 Cardiorenal Syndrome in Hospitalized Patients with ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction

WANG Yan-boGU Xin-shunHAO Guo-zhenJIANG Yun-faFAN Wei-zeFU Xiang-hua

430 Analysis of the Efficacy of Radiotherapy on Esophageal Cancer and Identification of Associated Prognostic Factors in Elderly Patients

HE Hui-juanHU Wei

435 Effect of Insulin Combined with Different Antidiabetic Agents on Carotid Intima-media Thickness and the Carotid Artery Plaque Index

HUANG Na-naCHEN Shu-lin

439 Effects of Vitamin C Combined with Octreotide on the Prognosis of Patients with Cirrhosis and Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Changes in Serum Cholinesterase and Oxidative Stress

YANG Xiao-yanGUO Chuan-yongZHANG XuZHONG Yu-quanTIAN Cheng

444 Relationship of Coagulation Indices and Platelet Parameters with Preeclampsia in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

WANG ShuangWANG Zhi-meiYANG Jia-jiaMEI Fang-fangSONG LiHAI Lan-lanAyinuerguli·Aimaiti


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