October 2017,Volume 20,No.30 Contents in Brief

 3707 Status of Elderly Care Services and Community-based Elderly Care Services in China
 WANG Ting,JIA Jian-guo
 3711 Development of a Service Quality Assessment Scale for Integrated Medical and Nursing Care Services Delivered by Elderly Care Institutions
 LI Yu-meng,FA Ruo-bing,WANG Chang-qing
 3719 Research Status of Elderly Care Assessment at Home and Abroad and Its Enlightenment to the Hierarchical Elderly Care in China
 SUN Xin-ran,SUN Jin-hai
 3725 Correlation of Diabetic Gastroparesis and Renal Function Damage in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
 ZHOU Yong-jing,LI Shan-lin,LIU Li,LIU Hong-mei,QIN Yong-mei
 3731 Long-term Prognosis in Patients with Neurologically Asymptomatic Carotid Atherosclerosis Influenced by Serum Uric Acid Level
 YANG Guo-tao,ZHAO Hong-ying,DONG Ai-qin
 3736 Value of Plasma miR-92a-3p,miR-204-5p and miR-186-5p in the Diagnosis of Cholangiocarcinoma
 MA Jun-ji,GUO Ping,GUO Yu,WU Jiang-hua
 3740 Risk Factors for Intrahospital Death of Aortic Dissection Patients
 ZHANG Wei-zong,MA Xiang,WANG Bao-zhu,WANG Hao 
 3745 Efficacy of Febuxostat versus Allopurinol in the Treatment of Primary Gout and Their Effects on Insulin Resistance
 MENG Juan,YUAN Xiao-xu,LU Yue-wu
 3749 Obesity and Hospital Mortality in Mechanically Ventilated ICU Patients
 LI Zhi-qiang,WANG Ya-jing,WANG Hong-yang,WANG Guan-da,PU Jian-yi
 3753 Clinical Efficacy of Docetaxel Alone Versus Docetaxel Combined with Cisplatin in the Treatment of Thymoma with Myasthenia Gravis
 QI Guo-yan,LIU Peng,GU Shan-shan,YANG Hong-xia,LIU Chao-ying,ZHANG Xiao-jing
 3759 Aspects Prioritized by Nursing Undergraduates During Choosing a Position in Grassroots Medical Institutions Analyzed Based on the Discrete Choice Experiment
 WU Di,SHI Yue,WU Shuang
 3763 Protective Effects of Medicated Serum of Liuwei Dihuang Pill on Aβ25-35-injured Rat PC12 Cells
 SONG Jun-ying,YUAN Yong,WANG Cong-xiao,ZHANG Zhong-yun,GONG Hong-tao, ZHANG Zhen-qiang,LIU Wen-di,GAO Ai-she
 3770 Effect of Sanhuangtangshenkang Granule on the Micro Inflammatory State in Early Diabetes Nephropathy Model Rats
 XI Yue,LI Jing-lin
 3776 Mechanism of Catgut Implantation at Acupoints for the Protection of Myocardium from Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Hyperlipidemia Rats with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
 WANG Yi-ming,ZHANG Xin-xin,SHU Yan-ye
 3781 Common Psychological Problems and Influencing Factors Among the Community-dwelling Elderly in Shanghai
 CHEN Yu-ming,ZHUANG Xiao-wei,LIU Han,YU Qi-sang
 3786 Self-rated Health and Associated Factors in Traffic Policemen with Different Lifestyles in Guangdong Province
 WU Zhi-hua,WU Wei-xuan,XU Jun,ZHANG Jin-hua
 3791 Diagnostic Value of High Frequency Ultrasound in Scrotal Diseases in Male Infertility Patients  with Non-sexual Dysfunction
 LIU Gui-mei,GE Hui-yu,RAN Wei-qiang,CHEN Wen,FANG Nan-ning,MENG Xiu-feng
 3796 Value of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging versus Real-time Shear Wave Elastography in the Diagnosis of Hepatic Fibrosis
 CHEN Xue-mei,JIANG Xiao-ying,LU Yong-mei,XIA Liang-hua 


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