June 2017,Volume 20,No.16 Contents in Brief

 1915 Enhancing GP Education in China--Theory,Practice and People
Amanda Howe
1921 Analysis of American Adult-gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program and Certification
GE Wei,ZHANG Hong-chen,CAO Bao-hua,XIAO Ting,ZONG Shu,HUANG Nan,XU Sha-sha
1925 Discussion on Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment from the Perspective of Improving Primary Health Service Capacity
LEI Guang-he,WANG Na
1929 Relative Efficiency of Basic Medical Services Delivery in Community Health Service Institutions--a Case Study Based on the Investigation in Four Provinces(Municipality) of China
GUO Min-lu,WANG Wei,XU Ling,ZHANG Yao-guang,ZHANG Ming-ji,YAN Fei
1933 Community-based Chronic Disease Management Path Exploration Based on the House of Quality
CHANG Rui,AO Qin,WU Jing,LIU Jun-an,SUN Yi,LU Zu-xun
1937 Influence of Community-based Emergency Management Model on the Response Time
LIU Yu-jia,CHEN Kai-hong,ZHU Qing-sheng,HU Dong-ming,WANG Ya-dong
1941 Status and Solutions for the Scientific Research Capabilities in Primary Care Providers in Yangpu District,Shanghai
ZHAO Jia-yi,HAN Yi-ping,SHEN Lu,KE Jun,YUAN Peng-qun,CHEN Xi-hui,LIU Yan-min
1946 Effect of Level of Blood Pressure Control on Cardiac Structure,Function and Atrial Fibrillation of Old Patients with Hypertension
CHAI Fang-fang,LI Xin-hua,YAN Wen-hua,WU Li-na
1951 Effect of Weight Loss by Dieting Versus Aerobic Exercise on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
WANG Jing,WANG Hui,DING Xiang-wu
1955 Correlation of Serum Vitamin D Levels with Metabolic Syndrome in the Middle-aged and Elderly
TANG Ji-bin,JIAO Rui-bao,LI Xu-guang,LIU Na,ZHANG Wen,CHEN Ran,SUN Yun,HUANG Hai-quan
1961 Changes of Serum HIF-1α,VEGF,vWf,IGF-1,25(OH)D3 Levels and Their Correlation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Different Urinary Albumin Excretion Rates
SHAO Ying,LYU Chuan,MA Xiao-yu,WANG Qiu-yue
1968 Changing Level of Catecholamine,S-100 Protein and D-lactic Acid of Children with Hand-foot-and-mouth Disease Infected by Different Enterovirus and Its Clinical Significance
WANG Mei-fen,CHEN Tao,GU Tao,LUO Yun-jiao,DU Zeng-qing,WANG Ming-ying
1973 Efficacy and Safety of Low-dose Ticagrelor in Patients at Six Months after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
SONG Min,YAO Zhu-hua,MEN Jian-long,CAO Ming-ying,LI Wen-ting,CHEN Ying
1978 Expression of Human Leucocyte Antigen G in Tibetan and Han Patients with Preeclampsia at Different Altitudes of Qinghai Area
XIE Ying-ying,ZHAO Hai-ning,PEI Qing-qing,QU Xin-xia,ZHANG Zhen-ping,ZHAO De-xiong
1983 General Written Test Paper Analysis and Evaluation for Rural General Practice Assistant Physician Licensing Examination
YANG Fang-li,ZOU Jie-wen,LI Qiang
1987 Evaluation of the Effect of Skills Training for General Practitioners by Leicester Assessment Package
GAO Qing,ZHU Xun,GAO Ya,GENG Xiao-lu,CHEN Lu,WANG Yu,CHEN Shao-xian
1994 Doctor-patient Relationship Under the Mutual Damage Mode Based on the Analysis of "WEI Ze-xi Event" and "CHEN Zhong-wei Case"
SUN Gang,LI Hui-teng
1998 Assessment of Physician-patient Communication Skills in Practicing Physicians by SEGUE Framework
SHEN Li-jun,SUN Gang
2003 Degree of Trust in Medical Care and Associated Factors in Community Residents
SUN Gang,CHEN Ya-di,ZHOU Meng-yao

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