March 2014, Volume 16, No.7 Contents in Brief

752  Construction of Evaluating Index System Based on the AHP on the Competence of Urban General Practitioner in Guangxi

YE Teng-fei,PAN Xiao-yan.


756  Application of Balanced Scorecard and Effective Working Hours System in Family Doctor Performance Management System

DU Li-jun,LIN Wei-liang.


761  Cost Analysis of Community Public Health Service Items and Its Processed Management

WU Song-tao.


766  Service Mode and Incentive Mechanism about Community Family Doctor Service System in Beijing

ZHANG Xiang-dong,ZHAO Jing,LAN Li-na,et al.


770  Exploration of Localized Management Model of Family Doctor Service System

ZHANG Chen-li.


773  Construction and Effect of the Family Doctor Service Model in Fangzhuang

WU HaoJIA Hong-yanLIU Xiu-meiet al.


777  Five-year Follow-up Study of Prognosis of Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients

BIAN Xiao-huiLIU Da-junZHENG Huaet al.


781  The Relationship between Vitamin D and Essential Hypertension in the Elderly

DONG Yu-jieHAN LuREN Shu-ronget al.


784  Effects of the Glucose Fluctuation on the Oxidative Stress Status of T2DM Patients Combined with Acute Cerebral Infarction and Its Significance

ZHANG Ming-yang,LYU Xiao-feng,ZHANG Wei-wei,et al.


788  Expression of the Platelet Activating Factor in Different Types of Coronary Heart Disease and Correlation between It and the Coronary Gensini Score

HAI Qi-min,SHEN De-liang,LIU Cong-lin,et al.


792  Correlation between Fetal Hemoglobin mRNA Abundance in Maternal Peripheral Blood And Gestational Age

LIU Hong-ying,YANG Li-li,YANG He-jun,et al.


795  Relationship between Dynamic Change of Inflammatory Factors and Prognosis in Elderly Male Patients with Ischemic Stroke

LIU Run,ZHOU Nong.


800  Relationship between Resting-state Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Disease Severity in Patients with Depressive Disorder

YAN Li-naLI Cui-ningSU Bian-linget al.


803  The Correlation between Aerobic Bacteria and Candida Infection and the Poor Pregnancy Outcomes of Premature Rupture of Membranes

YANG Shu-hua,LIU Ying,WANG Jian-hong,et al.


807  Introduction to the General Practitioner Training Program in Yuetan Community Health Network in Beijing

SUN Yan-ge,DING Jing,DU Xue-ping.


810  Evaluation of Skills Training Effect for Rural Doctors Using Electronic Health Records in Chongyi County of Jiangxi Province

HUANG Ping,YUAN Zhao-kang,LIU Yong,et al.


814  Progress in Study of Health Literacy on Chronic Diseases in China and Abroad

ZHANG Qing-hua,HUANG Fei-fei,ZHU Ai-qun,et al.


818  Evaluation of Collaborative Care Services Provided to Chronic Disease Patients by Medical Staff under the Medical Group Model in Zhenjiang City

ZHANG Lu,YANG Ren-yong,QIAN Dong-fu.


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