February 2014, Volume 17, No.4 Contents in Brief

378  Construction of Core Competency Evaluation Index System for General Practitioner

ZHU Shun,DONG Hai-na,WANG Wei-jie.


381  Implementation of Performance Pay in Primary Health Care Institutions

CHEN Lie-ping,LIN Ying-tao,XU Xu-liang,et al.


385  Michael Porter Diamond Model-based Analysis of Research and Education Outreach in Community Health Service Centers

SONG Hui-jiang,YANG Li-ping,ZHUANG Kang-lu,et al.


389  Evaluation of the Service Capacity of Village Clinics Based on the Close-value Method

ZHOU Wei,NIU Wen-ke,YUAN Zhao-kang.


391  The Status Quo and Influencing Factors of Basic Public Health Services at Village Level in Jiangsu Province

ZHU Li-Guo,WANG Qi,SONG Li,et al.


396  Performance of Township Hospitals in Xinjiang

Gulibahaer·kaderXU Pei-lanAihemaiti·yisakeet al.


403  Clinical Features and Prognosis of Pediatric Patients with Severe Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease

FU Si-mao,LUO Xu-feng,WEN Xiao-li,et al.


408  Impact of Visual Impairment Social Support on the Quality of Life in Elderly Population

SHAO Yu-hong,CHEN Xiao,ZHAO Hai-lan,et al.


414  Clinical Significance of Serum Copeptin on as Potential Prognostic Factor in Patients with Respiratory Failure

BIAN Miao,AN Lian-hua,ZHANG Hong-tao,et al.


418  Relationship between Serum Glycated Albumin Level and Severity of Coronary Artery Diseasein Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients

CHEN Qing,MI Shu-hua,ZHOU Yun,et al.


422  Outcome and Prognosis of Patients with Cancer-associated Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolismfollowing Anticoagulation Therapies

LIU Fan,FENG Chen-ye,LIU Ting-wei,et al.


425  The Difference of Nuchal Translucency Thickness in Difference Ethnic Groups

WANG Fang,HU Rong,XIANG Hong.


427  Relationship between Napkin-ring Sign on Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography andAcute Coronary Syndrome:A Retrospective Analysis

YAO Wei-gen,HUANG Guo-lai,YAN Yang,et al.


431  Serum Levels and Clinical Significance of Interleukin-9 in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis

WANG Qian-qianWEI PingMENG Jing-hong.


434  Current Status of Job-transfer Training for General Practitioners in Southwest Henan Province

MA Yu-hong,LI Ling,HOU Yan-li,et al.


438  Evaluation on Effect of Training on Job-transfer for General Practitioners in Henan Province

CAO Ji-xuanGAO Ai-hongSHI Jian-minget al.


441  Transregional Patient Referral from Secondary Hospitals in A District of Shanghai from 2011 to 2013

LU Jia-fa,DAI Zhen,GU Jian-hua,et al.


444  Allocation and Utilization of Home Health Measurement Tools and Equipment in Fengtai District in Beijing

REN Xu-kai,LI Jing-lin,ZHAO Jian-zhong,et al.


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