January 2014, Volume 17, No.3 Contents in Brief

242  Research Progress of Relationship between Physical Function and Cognitive Function in Elderly

LIU Meng-jiao,ZENG Hui,WANG Xiao-song,et al.


245  Research Progress of the Correlation between Vitamin D and Liver Diseases

LIU Qi-lin,XIN Gui-jie,SHA Xiu-juan,et al.


249  Research Progress of Circulating MicroRNAs and Breast Cancer

LI Ya-nanXING Han-yingHAO Yu-bin.


256  Analysis of Current Status and Influencing Factors Associated with the Family Burden of Senile Dementia

DING YanLIU JieTANG Feng-pinget al.


261  Memory and Behavior Problems of Patients with Dementia and Attitude of Their Caregivers

WANG Qing-yanJIANG FenCHEN San-meiet al.


266  Survey on Awareness State of Dementia Security in Family Caregivers of Elderly Dementia in Emergency Department

WANG De-xiu.


270  Analysis on Abuse of Elderly Patients with Dementia by Their Caregivers-Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior

XIAO LinSUN MeiLIN Xiao-linget al.


274  Factors Influencing Postoperative Long-term Life Quality of the Patients Suffering from Primary Chronic Venous Insufficiency

DAI Xue-naZHOU Tao.


278  Correlation between the Level of NT-proBNP before CAG and the Occurrence of Contrast-induced Nephropathy

LI Ming-zhuZHANG Jin-yingSHEN De-liang.


282  Relationship between Expression of p53 and the Responses to Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

WANG Hong-binYANG Jun-quan.


286  Effect of Preoperative Plasma Exchange for Widely Sensitized Recipients with Renal Transplantation

ZHANG Jing-hua,WANG Chang-an,LIANG Ya-lin,et al.


289  Influence of Alprostadil Injection on sICAM-1 and Ox-LDL in Diabetic Patients with Lower Extremity Arterial Disease

LIU Xia,LYU Xiao-feng,GAO Xiao-xiao,et al.


292  Effect of Coopdech Bronchial Occluder for Single-lung Ventilation in Thoracic Tuberculosis Patients Undergoing Transthoracic SurgeryA Randomized Controlled Trial

WAN Hai-fangLUO HongWANG Guo-xianget al.


296  Relationship between Elbow Venous Pressure and Central Venous Pressure in Patients Undergoing Transurethral Resection of the Prostate and Its Practical Application Value

ZHANG Tong-junWANG Zhong-yiSUN Xue-feiet al.


299  Effect of Leptin Pretreatment on Myocardial Ischemic Reperfusion Injury in Type 2 Diabetic Rats

YU Fan,XU Tong-tong,ZUO Yan,et al.


304  Adjuvant Therapy with Interferon-alpha for Patients with Advanced Colorectal CancerA Meta-analysis

MA Xin-fuWANG Xiao-longZHANG Cheng-wuet al.


308  Efficacy and Safety of Early Oral Feeding after Resection of Colorectal Cancer:A Meta-analysis

CAO Lan-yu,WEI Li,GUO Ting,et al.


314  Analysis on the Influencing Factors for Working Enthusiasm of Health Workers in Community Health Service Facilities

LIU Cai-ling,ZHANG Li-fang,ZHANG Yan-chun,et al.


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