January 2014, Volume 17, No.1 Contents in Brief

 11  Performance Evaluation of Urban Community Health Services with A Rough Set-based Approach

LI Li-qing,ZHOU Xiao-jun,LI Zhong-jie.


16  Establishment of A Resident Satisfaction Evaluation Index System for Community Health Services

WANG Fei,CHI Mo-han,YUE Feng-lian,et al.


19  Limitations of Two-way Referral Management from the Prospective of Project Management

WANG Ling-feng,LI Zhao-you,LI Jun-liang.


22  Management of Suburban Community Health Services  within A Family Doctor-based Community Healthcare System

WU Huan-yun,ZHANG Wei-dong,WU Jing,et al.


25  A Model of Whole-population Health Management within Family Doctor System

WU Hui-fangWANG Ji-ping.


28  Performance of Team-based Community Healthcare in Prevention and Control of Hypertension

WANG Su-ping,GONG Rui-jieBAO Yong,et al.


31  Practice and Thinking of Family Doctor Studio

XIAO Feng,ZHANG Xing-yuan,YU Ai-hua.


34  Clinical Characteristics and Prognostic Factors of Primary Pulmonary Carcinoid Tumors

LIU Guang-jieLIU Qing-yiXIE Shao-nanet al.


39  Cerebral Small Vessel Disease:Distributions,Clinical Manifestations and Their Relations

GAO Tian-li,LIU Chun-jie,LI Ying.


43  Relationship of Major Measurements in Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring with Circulating Cystatin C Levelsin Essential Hypertension

GUO Hao,YUAN Yong,GUO Li,et al.


47  Association of White Blood Cell Count with Troponin I and Cardiac Function in Elderly Patients with ST-Segment ElevationMyocardial Infarction

LI Gang.


50  Clinical Manifestations and Lung Function of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients with Different Levels of Progression Risk during the Course of Smoking Cessation

WANG Cong-yingZHANG QingWANG Shao-feiet al.


53  Effectiveness and Safety of Glucose Sensor-augmented Insulin Pump Therapyfor Type 1 Diabetes

LUO PeiLYU Xiao-fengCHENG Qian-penget al.


56  Outcomes of Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Following Treatment with Insulin Alone or in Combination with Liraglutide

NIU Yan-li,WU Guo-fu,YUAN Jing.


61  Effects of Visual and Aural Combined Training on the Working Memory and Cognitive Function of Patients withFrontal Craniocerebral Injury

ZHAO Ya-ning,LI Jian-min,GUO Xia,et al.


64  Health-related Behaviors in Children in Han and Minority Populations in China

SUN YuCAO QianZHANG Ronget al.


67  Exemplary Analysis of Problems on Difficulty and Costliness to Access Medical Service under New Medical Reform

PAN DengCHEN Lie-pingCHEN Qiao-chaiet al.


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