December 2013, Volume 16, No.34 Contents in Brief

4020  Feasibility Analysis on the Construction of Performance Evaluation System for Community Health Service Units in China

CHEN Quan,HUANG Wei,LEI Xing-yun,et al.


4024  Construction of Risk-sharing Mechanism for Rural Doctors Practice in China

LIU Lan-qiu,ZHAO Ran.


4027  Appropriate Technology for General Practice in Township Hospital

LIU Dong-ying,HOU Qing-chun,ZHOU Hai-yan.


4031  Intetion of Service Providers to Obstacles in Carrying out Equalization of Basic Public Health Services

LI Hao-hanLI Xiao-hongLV Junet al.


4034  Narrow Coverage:The Obstacle of Service Equality of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control

TANG Shu-nv,FANG Ren-fei,XIE Zheng,et al.


4037  Evaluation on Utilization of Postpartum Health Service Based on Equalization

YU Zhen-jie,LIU Xiang-yu,LI Xiang-yun,et al.


4041  Application of Vectorcardiography for Prevention and Treatment of Hypertesive Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Community

WANG Sheng-pingZHAO LongWANG Kun.


4044  Changes of Endothelial Function and the Risk Factors in Persons with Isolated Impaired Fasting Glucose

LV Yi-peiCHE Hong-yingHUANG Wen-pinget al.


4049  Assessment of Early Cognitive Impairment of Patients with First Attack of Small Artery Occlusion

JIANG Cai-xiaZHANG Xin-hongBU Fan-yanet al.


4052  Correlation between Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D Level and Early Renal Damage in Patients with Essential Hypertension

CHEN Yu-lan,SUN Li,Zhulepiya·Simayi,et al.


4055  Correlation between Trace Elements and Immune Functions in Children with Severe Bronchiolitis

LIAO Chuan-sheng,CHAI Wan-xin,ZENG Lu-fei,et al.


4058  Quality of Life in Surgical Treatment of Refractory Ulcerative Colitis

YANG Fu-na,HAN Hong-qiu,LIU Gang,et al.


4062  Effects of Family Involved Health Management on Self-care of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Community

ZHAO WeiWU Guo-huaWANG Penget al.


4065  Psychological Effects of An Asthma-diary Educational Intervention in Asthmatic Patients

SHEN BoTAN MeiWU Shi-linget al.


4068  Evaluation of Health System Responsiveness Scale

ZHANG Xiao-qing,CHEN Ying,CUI Wen-long,et al.


4071  Teaching Effect of General Practitioners Job-transfer Training in Yunnan Province

LIU Yan-zheng,LI Wei-ming,HUANG Qiao-yun,et al.


4075  Status and Effect Evaluation of General Practitioner Job-transfer Training in Xuzhou City

YANG QingCHEN Jia-yingYU Junet al.


4078  SWOT Analysis of Application of A New Chronic Care Model

LIU Yue-xing,ZONG Wen-hong,WANG Wei,et al.


4081  Canonical Correlation Analysis on Hospital Costs and Medical Insurance Reimbursement of Common Chronic Disease

CHEN Ji-ruiZHANG Kai-jinTAO Yang-honget al.

es New Roman"'>:A Cross-sectional StudyWANG Yue,ZHANG Lu-tao,SHI Li-ke,et al.




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