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Research Progress of EB Virus Associated Gastric Carcinoma

SONG Fei-xuePEI Xia-xia.Department of Medical Oncologythe Second Hospital of Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou 730030China

    Abstract  The Epstein-Barr virus(EBV) is closely associated with the occurrence and development of many tumors.Gastric cancer is one of the most common malignant tumor throughout the world.EBV can be detected in about 10% tissues of gastric carcinoma cases throughout the worldwhich indicate that EBV infection plays an important role in the development of EBV associated gastric carcinomas(EBVaGC).In this paperwe introduce the epidemiologyclinical characteristicspossible pathogenesisclinical diagnosistreatment and prognosis of EBVaGCin order to provide a basis for the diagnosistreatment and prevention of EBVaGC.

    Key words  Herpesvirus 4humanHerpesviridae infectionsStomach neoplasmsEpidemiologyDiagnosisTherapy


Research Progress of Gene Therapy of Lumbar Disc Degeneration

LI Xiang,LI Xin-zhi.Department of Orthopaedics,Renhe Hospital,China Three Gorges University,Yichang 443001,China

    Abstract  The treatment of diseases caused by lumbar disc degeneration(LDD)has always been subject to much attention.At present,there are mainly conservative treatment and surgical treatment,but none of them can stop or reverse the process of disc degeneration.In recent years,gene therapy for LDD has been receiving much attention.Gene therapy involves the screening of the target gene and target cell,transfer of the therapeutic gene to the recipient cells using appropriate vector,regulation of the expression of target genes so as to achieve the purpose of the recipient cells synthesizing the RNA and expressing proteins in a continuous fashion.Modifying intradiscal gene expression via gene therapy is perhaps the best method for the lumbar disc degenerative diseases in the near future.

    Key words  RNA interference;Lumbar disc degeneration;Gene therapy;Target gene;Vectors


Clinical Application of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

NING LiangSUN Xing-Guo.State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular DiseaseHeart-Lung Functional Testing CenterFuwai HospitalNational Center for Cardiovascular DiseasesChinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical CollegeBeijing 100037China

    Abstract  The cardiopulmonary exercise testing(CPET) is an important and only clinical functional test method.While patients do the loaded exercisethe functions of respiratorycirculatorymetabolic and neurohumoral systems were continuously recorded.CPET was applied and interpreted based on the theoretical system of holistic integrative physiology and medicine in order to evaluate the function and healthy condition of the human bodydiagnose diseasegrade disease severityassess therapeutic effect and predict the prognosis.This article studies the CPET in terms of its physiological basis and detection indexesas well as their significances.The article also discusses the role of CPET in evaluating cardiovascular diseaserespiratory diseasedisease rehabilitation and therapeutic effectas well as evaluating the risk of operation with anesthesia and functional status of health.

    Key words  Cardiopulmonary exercise testingDiagnosisTherapyRehabilitationCardiovascular diseasesRespiratory tract diseasesHolistic integrative physiology


Impacts of Metabolic Syndrome on Pulse Wave Velocity of the Elderly Patients with Primary Hypertension

YANG Hong-xiaMI Shu-huaJIA Shu-jieet al.Department of Vip ClinicBeijing Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University,Beijing 100029,China

    Abstract  Objective  To explore the impacts of the metabolic syndrome on pulse wave velocity of the elderly patients with primary hypertension.Methods  From October 2011 to Febrary 2013,147 elderly patients with primary hypertension were admitted to department of Vip clinicBeijing Anzhen Hospital,of these patients,80 patients had metabolic syndrome,67 patients had not metabolic syndrome.The height,weight,body mass index(BMI),waist circumference,heart rate,blood pressure,and levels of fasting plasma glucose,TG,TC,HDL-C and LDL-C were measured or calculated. The carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity(C-FPWV) was used to evaluate aortic elasticity using automatic pulse wave velocity(PWV) system.Results  There was no statistically significant difference in age,gender,history of primary hypertension,heart rate,systolic blood pressure(SBP),diastolic blood pressure(DBP),TC and LDL-C levels between two groups(P0.05).There were statistically significant differences in BMI,waist circumference,fasting blood glucose,TGHDL-C levels,and C-FPWV(P0.05).Waist circumference(r=0.32,P=0.00),fasting plasma glucose level(r=0.12,P=0.03),TG level(r=0.26,P=0.26) were positively correlated with C-FPWV.BMI(r=0.18,P=0.45) and HDL-C level(r=0.09,P=0.09) did not have linear correlation with C-FPWV.Multiple linear regression analysis results showed that the waist circumference has regression relationship with C-FPWV(R2=0.39,P0.05).Conclusion  C-FPWV is positively correlated with waist circumference,metabolic syndrome can degenerate large artery elasticity in elderly patients with essential hypertension.

    Key words  Metabolic syndromeHypertensionPulse wave velocity


Post-hemodialysis DN PatientsOccurrence of Pneumonia and Risk Factors Related to Death

ZENG Jian-yingTONG Jun-rongZHANG Jian-linet al.Department of EndocrinologyGuangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military CommandGuangzhou 510010China

    Abstract  Objective  To explore the occurrence of pneumonia and risk factors related to death in post-hemodialysisHDpatients with diabetic nephropathyDN.Methods  A total of end-stage renal diseaseESRDpatients hospitalized in this hospital from January 2007 to January 2012 were dividedaccording whether combined with DN or notinto groups DNn=190),non-DNn=955.After regular HDthe occurrence of pneumoniadeath risk factors and survivals were analyzed comparatively.Results  The occurrence of pneumonia was higher in DN group than in non-DN group12.6%(24/190)5.6%54/955)〕,the difference was significant(χ2=12.152P0.05.By Cox regression analysisincrease of age was an independent death risk factor of pneumonia patients.By Kaplan-Meier cumulative survival curvethe 1-3-5-year cumulative all-cause death rates and cumulative pneumonia related death rate were higher in DN group than in non-DN groupP0.05.Conclusion  DN patients with HD are more prone to pneumoniatheir death risk due to pneumonia is higher than that of non-DN patients with HD.So it is very important that cares for HD patients combined with DN should be strengthened.

    Key words  Diabetic nephropathyRenal dialysisPneumoniaRisk factors


The Level Change of Serum Leptin and Adiponectin in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

QIN Yang,XU Tong-tong,LV Xiang-wei.Department of Internal Medicine Teaching and Research,Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College,Guilin 541001,China

    Abstract  Objective  To explore the significance of the levels change of serum leptin and adiponectin before and after treatment in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).Methods  62 CHF patients admitted to the Department of Cardiac Internal Medicine,VIP,Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College from September 2011 to May 2012 were selected as observation group (17 cases of cardiac function levels ,26 cases of level and 19 cases of level ).Another 40 healthy people were selected as control group.Body mass index (BMI),blood lipid,blood pressure levels were recorded in the two groups.The plasma leptin,adiponectin,brain natriuretic peptide (BNP),IL-6,LVEF and LVEDd were also detected in the two groups before and after treatment.Results  The BMI,TG,TC,HDL-C,LDL-C,systolic pressure and diastolic pressure between control group and observation group showed no statistically significant difference (P0.05).In terms of serum leptin,adiponectin,BNP,IL-6 and LVEDd,the patients with cardiac function level ,level and level were significantly higher than the control group,and patients of level and level were significantly higher than patients of level ,and patients of level were significantly higher than patients of level .When it came to LVEF,the former were significantly lower than the latter ones (P0.05).After treatment,the levels of serum leptin,adiponectin,BNP,IL-6 and LVEDd were significantly reduced,but LVEF was significantly increased (P0.05).Conclusion  The level of serum leptin,adiponectin of patients with CHF is higher than healthy people,serum leptin and adiponectin may be involved in the pathogenesis and development of chronic heart failure,and the monitoring of them may be helpful for the evaluation and treatment of heart failure.

    Key words  Heart failureLeptinAdiponectin


The Association of ApoA5 Gene-1131TC and 56CG Polymorphism with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Han People of Guizhou

HUANG Jian,HUANG Yun-zhu,YANG Guo-zhen,et al.Department of Biochemical Science,Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical University,Guiyang 550004,China

    Abstract  Objective  To study the association of ApoA5 gene-1131TC and 56 CG polymorphism with type2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and lipid spectrum in Han People of Guizhou.Methods  192 T2DM unrelated patients received by the Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical College during the period from March 2012 to March 2013 were selected as the T2DM group while 206 people with normal level of blood lipid and blood sugar once taking physical examination in our hospital during the same period as the control group.In order to examine the genotype of ApoA5-1131TC and 56CG,the technology of agarose gel-electrophoresis combined with polymerase chain reaction/restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) was adopted.The frequency distribution of the allelic genes was also recorded while the level of blood lipid and blood sugar were examined with automatic chemistry analyzer.Results  The distribution of genotype of ApoA5-1131TC in the control group (χ2=0.477,P=0.489) and T2DM group (χ2=1.597,P=0.206) has been found to conform to the Hardy-Weinberg law of genetic equilibrium and was also representative of the group.The genotype and allele frequency of the two groups showed statistically significant difference (P0.05).The 1131C type carriers (TC+CC) had an 1.965 times increased risk of T2DM compared with TT genotype (OR=1.965) and had a significant increase in TG levels compared with non-C carriers (TT) (P0.05).ApoA5 56CG was in exon2 of ApoA5,and only CC genotype was detected.Conclusion  ApoA5-1131TC polymorphism is associated with the risk of T2DM in Han People of Guizhou.C allele has a significantly increased T2DM risk and is associated with the increased serum TG levels.We do not observe ApoA5 gene 56CG polymorphism.

    Key words  ApolipoproteinsPolymorphism,single nucleotideDiabetes mellitus,type 2


The Relationship between Transient Ischemic Attack and Carotid Plaque and Stenosis Using CT Angiography

LIU Xiao-hongWU Yu-fuZANG Ting-zhenet al.Department of NeurologyBeijing Geriatric HospitalBeijing 100095China

    Abstract  Objective  To discuss the relationship between transient ischemic attack(TIA) and carotid plaque and stenosis using CT angiography(CTA).Methods  From 2010-01-01 to 2013-01-01113 cases with TIA were included in observation group55 cases without cerebrovascular disease were included in the control group.Multi-director CT angiography(MDCTA) was used to detect carotid plaque and stenosis in all casesand the severity of carotid plaqueplaque typeplaque distribution in various segments of carotidextent of carotid stenosis were compared between two groups.Results  (1)Both carotid plaque detection rate88.5%100/113)〕 and carotid stenosis detection rate70.8%80/113)〕 in observation group were significantly higher than those45.5%25/55and 29.1%16/55)〕 in control group(χ2=43.211P=0.000;χ2=9.002P=0.003).Among patients with carotid stenosis in observation groupthere were 21 cases(26.2%) of mild stenosis24 cases(30.0%) of moderate stenosis22 cases(27.5%) of severe stenosis13 cases(16.3%) of occlusion.(2)In the observation groupcarotid multi vessel plaque was found in 93 cases(82.3%)in the control groupcarotid multi vessel plaque was found in 13 patients(23.6%)the difference between two groups was statistically significant(χ2=4.218P=0.045).(3)There was significant difference in the distribution of plaque type between the two groups(P0.05)the plaque type in the control group was dominated by hard plaque(54accounting for 52.9%)the plaque type in the observation group was dominated by soft plaque(307accounting for 42.5%).In the observation groupthere was significant difference in the distribution of plaque type(soft plaquehard plaqueand mixed plaque) in various segments of carotid(P0.05).Soft plaque occurred mainly in the common carotid artery(CCA)(152accounting for 49.6%)while the hard plaque occurred mainly in the intracranial segment of the internal carotid artery(ICA-I)(129accounting for 46.9%).Conclusion  MDCTA is an important method for the detection and evaluation of carotid plaques and carotid stenosis.Carotid plaque and stenosis detection rates in patients with TIA were higher than those in patients without cerebrovascular disease.The carotid plaque type in patients with TIA was dominated by soft plaqueCCA plaque type was usually soft plaquewhich indicated that carotid plaque formation and carotid stenosis are important factors for TIA.

    Key words  Ischemic attacktransientCarotid stenosisCarotid plaque


The Serum Level of Fibulin-5 in Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction and Its Relationship with Severity of Illness

ZHAO HuiXU Guang-huiQIN Xin-yue.Department of Neurologythe First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical UniversityChongqing 400016China

    Abstract  Objective  To investigate the serum level of serum fibulin-5 in patients with acute cerebral infarction and its relationship with severity of illness.Methods  156 patients with acute cerebral infarction(time of onset72 h) who admitted to our department from April to November 2012were selected as the observation groupand 50 healthy people were selected as control groupthe gender and age of control group were similar to those of observation group.The serum levels of fibulin-5 of all cases were detected by ELISAneurologic impairment scores in observation group were evaluated using NIHSSthe relationships between the serum levels of fibulin-5 and OCSP subtypeinfarct sizeinfarct location and NIHSS score.Results  The serum level of fibulin-5 in observation group〔(118.7±51.6)μg/L was significantly higher than that in control group〔(40.1±12.2)μg/Lt=-11.56P0.01.The serum level of fibulin-5 in observation group changed with OCSP subtype and infarct sizethe differences were statistically significant(F values were 23.48 and 208.32separatelyP0.01)The serum levels of fibulin-5 in patients with total anterior circulation infarctionposterior circulation infarctionpartial anterior circulation infarction and lacunar infarction decreased progressively〔(182.1±53.1)μg/L,(135.4±48.7)μg/L,(104.9±21.6)μg/L,(69.3±7.9)μg/Lall P0.01〕;There was no significant difference in the serum levels of fibulin-5 among patients with different infarct locationsP0.05.The serum level of fibulin-5 was positively correlated with NIHSS score among patients with acute cerebral infarctionr=0.792P0.01).Conclusion  The level of fibulin-5 in patients with acute cerebral infarction was significantly higher than that in healthy peoplethe level of fibulin-5 in patients with acute cerebral infarction increased with the increased infarct size.Howeverthere was no relationship between fibulin-5 levels and infract locations.The serum level detection of fibulin-5 can offer some valuable guidances to disease assessment for patients with acute cerebral infarction.

    Key words  Brain infarctionFibulin-5Cerebrovascular circulation


The Role of miR-26b in Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer and Its Molecular Mechanism

XU Li-ping,LI Jia,FANG Lin.Department of General Surgery,Ningbo First Hospital,Ningbo 315010China

    Abstract  Objective  To investigate the expression pattern of miR-26b in breast cancer and the impact of miR-26b on the proliferation of MD-MBA-231 breast cancer cells,and search for its target gene.Methods  A total of 38 female patients with breast cancer treated with surgery in the Tenth Peoples Hospital of Tongji University in Shanghai from January 2010 to May 2012 were enrolled. The cancer tissue and normal adjacent breast tissue were obtained. Realtime fluorescence quantitative PCR (RT-PCR) was performed to quantify the expression of miR-26b in breast cancer and normal breast specimens. MTT assay was employed to characterize the function of miR-26b in the proliferation of breast cancer cells. The breast cancer cells were treated with 50 nmol/L miR-26b mimic,or 100 nmol/L miR-26b mimic,or miRNA,or liposome,namely the 50 nmol/L miR-26b treatment group,the 100 nmol/L miR-26b treatment group,the negative control group and the blank control group. The proliferation rates in each group were tested after 24 h,48 h,72 h,and 96 h. Target prediction was performed to determine the target gene of miR-26b using the software TargetScan;and the


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