November 2013, Volume 16, No.33 Contents in Brief

3891  Research Progress of EB Virus Associated Gastric Carcinoma

SONG Fei-xuePEI Xia-xia.


3895  Research Progress of Gene Therapy of Lumbar Disc Degeneration

LI Xiang,LI Xin-zhi.


3898  Clinical Application of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

NING LiangSUN Xing-Guo.


3903  Impacts of Metabolic Syndrome on Pulse Wave Velocity of the Elderly Patients with Primary Hypertension

YANG Hong-xiaMI Shu-huaJIA Shu-jieet al.


3906  Post-hemodialysis DN PatientsOccurrence of Pneumonia and Risk Factors Related to Death

ZENG Jian-yingTONG Jun-rongZHANG Jian-linet al.


3909  The Level Change of Serum Leptin and Adiponectin in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

QIN Yang,XU Tong-tong,LV Xiang-wei.


3913  The Association of ApoA5 Gene-1131T>C and 56C>G Polymorphism with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Han People of Guizhou

HUANG Jian,HUANG Yun-zhu,YANG Guo-zhen,et al.


3916  The Relationship between Transient Ischemic Attack and Carotid Plaque and Stenosis Using CT Angiography

LIU Xiao-hongWU Yu-fuZANG Ting-zhenet al.


3920  The Serum Level of Fibulin-5 in Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction and Its Relationship with Severity of Illness

ZHAO HuiXU Guang-huiQIN Xin-yue.


3923  The Role of miR-26b in Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer and Its Molecular Mechanism

XU Li-ping,LI Jia,FANG Lin.


3927  Construction of EZH2 siRNA2 Eukaryotic Expression Vector and Its Stable Expression in T24 Cells

WANG Hai-fengYANG HongHU Li-binget al.


3930  Interactions of AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) and Nuclear Transcription Factor Kappa Bp65 in Adipocytes

ZHENG Li-yingHUANG Xin-lingZHANG Yanet al.


3935  Effects of Heparin on the Inflammatory Factors after Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Rabbits

WANG Bai-yong,SUN Ren-hua,QU Bai-ming,et al.


3939  Nicorandil or Nitrates for SAPA Comparison of Effects and Meta Analysis Based on Randomized Controlled Trials

LUO Bi-huiWU Ping-shengZENG Zhao-huaet al.


3944  Three-dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy Combined with Temozolomide for Brain Malignant GliomaA Meta Analysis

LI Jian-min.


3951  Professor Cui Yun s Experience in Treating Varicocele-induced Infertility

GAO Du,CUI Yun,WU Jun,et al.


3953  12-LO Inhibitor Baicalein in Intervention Studies in Mice Model with Viral Myocarditis

HAN Ming,HAN Yan-yan,LIU Shi-cheng.


3957  Regulation Effect of Jin Kui Shen Qi Pill on the Dopamine Level of Fear Impairing Kidney Mice Model

WANG Hong-yanZHANG Xian-geng,LIU-qinet al.


3960  Clinic Research on Icotinib and Capecitabine in the Treatment of Senile Advanced Colorectal Cancer

CHEN Hong,REN Shu-hua,PANG Hong-mei,et al.


3962  Efficacy and Safety of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Combined with Temozolomide forGrade - Glioma Patients with Postoperative Residual

WANG Zhen-hua,WANG Jian-hua,GUO Xiao-qi,et al.


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