November 2013, Volume 16, No.32 Contents in Brief

 3767  Tortuous History and Revelation of International Primary Health Care

ZHOU Ye-qin,QIAN Dong-fu.


3770  Drug Resistance of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae:A Study of Current Situation in the World

DONG Yan-qingXIN De-li.


3774  A Real-Time PCR Approach for Genotype of 2063 in Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

LI Jing-yiSUN LanQIN Xuan-guanget al.


3778  Drug Resistance of MP and Its Mechanism:A Study of Children in Beijing District in 2011

JIANG YueLIU Xi-jieQIN Xuan-guanget al.


3783  Relationship of Antithyroid Drug Induced Agranulocytosis to Plasma ANCA and ANGA

YANG Jing,ZHOU Ling-zhi,ZHONG Jing,et al.


3786  Ischemic Stroke Subtype ClassificationA Comparative Study of TOASTASCO and CISS

FU Na-naSHI Zheng-hong.


3789  Prognostic Values of Serological Index Combined with Marrow Morphologyin Myelodysplastic Syndrome

LI Wen-wenLI YanWANG Xiao-min.


3794  Association between Omentin-1 and Coronary Heart Disease Risk in Menwith Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

TIAN Yan-fengSUN Wen-xiu.


3798  Incidence and Related Influencing Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease among Pregnant Women with Serious Diseases in ICU

ZHAO Yu-hongJI Kai-qiangZANG Binet al.


3802  Clinical CharacteristicsTreatmentand Prognosis of ANCA-associated Vasculitisin Patients with Renal Injury

WANG LiZHANG Gai-huaZHAO Yuet al.


3809  Efficacy of Meropenem on Elderly Stroke Associated Pneumonia and Its Safety

CHEN Su-qin,CHEN Chen,LU Jin-chun,et al.


3812  Relationship between 99Tcm-MIBI SPECT of Breast and MTDH Expressionin Breast Tumor Residual Blood

BAO ZhengWANG SongSHEN Yan-yanet al.


3817  Effect of ERCC5 Polymorphism on Rate of Sperm DNA Fragment and Primary Male Infertility

MA QiangLIU Xiao-xiaYANG Jieet al.


3821  Relationship of APOA5 Level and APOA5-1131T/C Locus Gene Polymorphism to Early-onset CHD and Restenoses after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Han Population

DAI Hai-ying,YE Guo-hong,SHI Zhuo-xun,et al.


3825  Relationship between 5,10-methylenetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphismand Non-syndrome Cleft Lip and Palate in ChinaA Meta-analysis

ZHU Bo,WANG Da,YANG Bo-yi,et al.


3828  Montelukast Sodium in Light Sleep-disordered Breathing:A Meta-analysis in Children

MA Dong-mei,XU Pei-ru.


3833  Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B:A Status Survey of Different Levelsof Medical Establishments in A District of Beijing

MA Li-xia,LIU Xiao-hui,GUO Hai-qing,et al.


3837  Comparison of the National Norm and the EPQ Norm of Students with Individual NormalOcclusion of the City of Zhenjiang

KONG Fan-zhi,CHAO Hua-jun,SHE Peng,et al.


3840  Misdiagnosis of Enterolith Ileus:Case Report

WANG Chang-you,CHEN Jian-li,GONG Feng-ling,et al.


3843  Concurrent Presentation of Cryptococcal Meningitis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

CHEN Li-wenLIU Zhao-jiZHENG Wei-honget al.


3846  CT Imaging Features of Pulmonary Sub-centimeter Nodules and Its Clinical Value

WANG Yu-taoZHAO Xiao-dongWANG Hai-taoet al.


3849  Efficacy and Safety of Nedaplatin Regimen with Concurrent Radiotherapyin Treating Cervical Cancer in Middle and Late Periods

ZHAO Jing-qingZHAO Cai-hongZHAO Yuet al.


3851  Characteristics of Invasive Fungal Infections Secondary to COPD and Its Treatmentwith Antifungal Drugs

YANG Xiao-gangWANG Zhi-mao.


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