March 2013, Volume 16, No.7 Contents in Brief

 720 Analysis on System Archetype of Developing Community Health Services:Based on A Field Research in Jiangxi Province

LI Li-qing,ZHOU Xiao-jun.

727 Construction of Evaluation Index System for Safety of Patients in Domestic Sickbeds

HUANG Lei,LI Li-qiang.

731 Discussion about Application of Capitation on Outpatients in Community Health Care Institutions

DU Xue-ping,HUANG Kai.

734 Community Health Staff′s Attitude to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Influencing Factor Analysis

YU Zhen-jie,ZHAO Yan-kui,YU Qian-qian,et al.

737 Influence of Zero-profit Drug Policy on Medical Costs of Hypertensive Patients in Rural Area of Beijing

DU Juan,ZHENG Shu-mei,XU Jun-jie,et al.

741 Status of Resource Allocation of Community Health Center in Main Labor Distribution Regions of Shenzhen

QIU Chuang-liang,XU Xing,WANG Hong-rui,et al.

745 Public Health Service Capacity of Chongqing:A Human Resources Perspective

WU Hai-feng,HE Ping,PAN Lun,et al.

749 Evaluation on Reliability of the Chinese Version of Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Ovary Cancer by Classical Test Theory and Generalizability Theory

LI Wei, LUO Jia-hong, WAN Chong-hua, et al.

752 Impact of Complicated Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Autonomic and Peripheral Neuropathy

ZHANG Yong-hong,ZHAO Ren-hua,XUE Yuan-ming.

755 Influence of Frightening Audio Frequency based on Regulation of ANS by Emotion on Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

WANG Ji-zhou,CHEN Jun-qi,HUANG Huan-lin,et al.

758 Value of Von Willebrand Factor and P-selectin in Assessing Severity of Illness in Lupus Nephritis Patients

YANG Jun,GUO Ming-hao,LIU Yun,et al.

761 Comparison on Prevalence Features of Adult Metabolic Syndrome by Different Diagnosing Creteria in Nanchang

TU Ping, LI Sheng-jian, DUAN Peng, et al.

764 Comparative Study on Colonoscopy Data of Old and Non-old Peoples with Colonic Diverticulum in Han and Uygur Nationalities of Xinjiang Region

LI Ke-xue,Bu Hailiqiemu•NuEr,Gu Libahaer•Simayi.

767 Nursing Interventions Affect Quality of Life of Bladder Carcinoma Patients after Radical Cystectomy and Abdominal Stoma

XIONG Zhu-feng,CHEN Zhao,TANG Li-ping,et al.

770 Risk Factors for Pneumonia Complicated in Patients with Influenza A H1N1

ZHAO Zhi-wei, ZHANG Qing, XING Zhi-li, et al.

773 Value of Serum Enzymologic Indices for Predicting Severity of Patients with A /H1N1 Influenza

ZHANG Xue-jun, ZHANG Qing, XING Zhi-li, et al.

776 Sero-immunity Characteristics of Mild Cases Infected with Influenza A H1N1 Virus

LIN Cun-zhi,SUN Yong,WANG Jun,et al.

778 Factors Influencing Participation in Continuing Occupation Education of General Practitioners in Shanghai

XIE Qing-wen,ZHU Jing-fen,SHI Rong,et al.

781 Status of Continuing Medical Education for General Practitioners in Chongqing and Its Countermeasure

LIU Juan, CHEN Zhi-yong.


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