February 2013, Volume 16, No.5 Contents in Brief

 479 Associations between Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Carotid Intima Media Thickness: A Meta Analysis

WANG Hai-long, ZHANG Na, ZHANG Wen-liang, et al.

483 Role of Urien Prostate Cancer Gene 3 Assay for the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer A Meta Analysis

GAO Jian-jun, HAN Rui-fa.

487 Relevance Study on Iodine Intake and Immunologic Mechanism in Nodular Goiter Patients

ZHANG Bo, SU Jun-ping, CHEN Yun-xia, et al.

490 Relationship between Alterations of Cardiac Output and Clinical Manifestations in Children with Hand-foot-mouth Disease

SHI Jun.

493 Study on the Relationship between Serum Nesfatin-1, Apelin and Insulin-resistance in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients

TAN Li-yan, XU Hai-bo, TAN Li-ping, et al.

496 Correlation of Subclinical Hypothyroidism with Coronary Artery Disease

QIN Zhong-xin, LIU Qi-zhi, JIANG Shou-tao, et al.

500 Risk Factors of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Non-obese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

YE Ting, SUN Kan, CHANG Xiang-yun, et al.

503 Blood Pressure Responses during Exercise Testing and Subclinical Target Organ Damage in Hypertension Patients

QIAN Zong-jie, LI Quan-zhong, LIAO Fa-rong.

505 Comparison of Influencing Factors of CHD and Features of Coronary Artery Lesions between Hui and Han People

QU Ling-guang,SHANG Jia,WEI Shu-jun,et al.

508 Association of Matrix Metalloproteases-9 and C-reactive Protein Levels with No-reflow after Primary Pecutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

WANG Huan,ZHAO Feng-qin.

511 Effect of Different Tidal Volumes and Mechanical Ventilation with Positive End-expiratory Pressure on Patients with Post-resuscitation Syndrome

XIONG Hua-wei, HUANG Liang, CAO Chun-shui, et al.

516 Calcitriol Improving Microinflammation and Oxidative Stress in Patients with Maintenance Hemodialysis

LIU Chun-qiu, LIU Lei, LI Liang-zhi, et al.

520 Clinical Features of Primary Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis in Patients of Different Ages

FENG Jie, ZHANG Ya-li, SUN Ji-ping, et al.

523 Liver Function of Patients with Different Blood Types after Piggyback Liver TransplantationA Retrospective Analysis

CHEN Guo-yong, TAN Sheng-kui, SUN Jian-jun, et al.

526 Effective of Vitamin E Combined with Vitamin C for the Intervention of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques

WANG Yu-hong,WANG Yu-qi,LI Wan-fu,et al.

528 Clinical Features of Hepatolenticular Degeneration

WANG Dong-xu, LIN Lian-jie, ZHENG Chang-qing, et al.

532 Clinical and Radiological Manifestations of Pulmonary Involvement in Systemic Sclerosis

ZHOU Xiao-ming, HOU Gang, YE Rui, et al.

535 Clinical Analysis on Patients with Spontaneous Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Cerebral Negative Angiography

ZHANG Feng, HOU Kai, LIU Jian-feng, et al.

537 Practice of Mental Health Services in Urban Community in the Light of Social Construction

GAO Xin-yi,YANG Feng-chi.

539 Concept of Child-bearing of Pregnant Women from Different Native Places and Influencing Factors of Their Anxiety and Depression

LIN Hai-cheng, TAN Wen-yan, XU Ming-zhi, et al.

543 Evaluation of Demand-based Comprehensive Treatment and Management Mode in Tuberculosis

HONG Jian-jun, LU Li-ping, JIN Xiao-ping. 


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