September 2013, Volume 16, No.26 Contents in Brief

 3031 What Can We Learn from Canadian Experience of General Practitioner System?

TIAN Jiang, JI Xu.

3034 Clinical Characteristics of Ankylosing Spondylitis with Osteoporosis

LI Xue, WANG Jun-xiang.

3037 Effect of Combined Intra-articular Injection of Sodium Hyaluronate and Compound Betamethasone on Ankylosing Spondylitis with Coxa Arthropathy

ZHANG Feng-xiao, NING Xiao-ran, ZHENG Gui-min, et al.

3041 Treatment Compliance of Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Its Influencing Factors

WU Qing-xiang, QI-Ying, ZHOU Tao, et al.

3045 Significance of Myocardial Injury Markers in Risk Stratification of Acute Coronary Syndrome

YU Yang,MA Jun,PENG Hui, et al.

3049 End-point Events within Half Year after Diagnosis of Stable Angina Pectoris

FENG Yan,ZHANG Jing-chun,WANG Yi-xin, et al.

3053 Association between Microalbuminuria and Central Arterial Pressure in Patients with Essential Hypertension

YANG Jun, XU Bo, QIN Xiao-wei, et al.

3057 Vascular Endothelial Function and Homocysteine Level in Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction and Its Treatment

DENG Yuan-qiong, LIU Bo-sheng, DENG Yuan-qi, et al.

3062 Risk Factors of Elderly Cutaneous Pruritus

LI Dan, DOU Na, MA Su-hui, et al.

3065 Risk of Viral Hepatitis in Different Regions of China and Its Influencing Factors

TAN Lian-yun.

3069 Correlation of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion with PAPP-A in Decidual Tissues

YANG Jun, WANG Hui-ling, HUA Fang-fang.

3072 Efficacy of Tirofiban on Perioperative High-risk Non-ST-segment Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome and Its Safety

LIU Shi-chao,JIAN Li-guo,DING Tong-bin, et al.

3075 Expression of Erythropoietin in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Its Correlation with Angiogenesis

YU Ting-ting, ZHANG Huan, ZHANG Tao, et al.

3078 Prevalence of Inpatients′ Acute Kidney InjuryA Monocentric Research

HUANG Li, HUI Xiao-fang, LIAO Yun-hua.

3081 Correlation between CD+4 T Lymphocyte Count and Total Lymphocyte Count in HIV Infectors in Asymptomatic Stage

JIN Yan-tao,GUO Hui-jun,JIANG Zi-qiang.

3084 Osteoprotegerin Levels in Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Patients

LI Lin-man,REN Wei,LI Jin-chao, et al.

3088 Gemcitabine Combined with Selective Oncolytic Adenovirus in Treatment of Colorectal Cancer:An in Vitro Studies

QU Hong-xia,YUAN Cai-jun,WANG Yue.

3093 Family-doctor-style Pension Service Mode Based on Health Management

JING Si-xia,CHEN Fei.

3095 Consulting Services and Ethical Care of Families of Cardiovascular Disease Fetus

HE Guang-zhong, YANG Yong, WANG Zhen, et al.

3098 Model of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control among Preschool Children in A Community of Beijing

CHANG Yi, LIU Min, MI Yan-li, et al.

3101 Screening of Carotid Atherosclerosis Risk Factors of High-risk Group of Stroke

ZHANG Yong-hui, WANG Yi-xin, YANG Min-jing.

3105 Trend of Hospital Costs and Their Relevancy in Esophageal Cancer Patients in A Mine

CHAO Li-li,PU Hong-quan,BAI Ya-na, et al.

3108 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome with Fever and Lymphadenectasis as Initial Symptom: Analysis of One Misdiagnosed Case and Review of Relevant Literatures

YU Mei-xia, ZHOU Yong-ming.


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