September 2013, Volume 16, No.25 Contents in Brief

 2915 General Practice and Its Role in Physician-patient Relationship:A Comparative Study between China and Australia

WANG Jian,LI Yi-tong,ZHANG Mei-zhi,et al.

2926 Resolution of Two-way Referral Problem in China by Studying British National Health Service System

LIU Xiao-xi,CHEN Yu-wen,BI Kai-shun.

2930 Impacting Factors to Implementation of the Two-way Referral System

ZHAO Guang-bin, DU Guang-hui, LIN Min.

2933 Establishment and Implementation of Two-way Referral Mechanism for Health Management of Menopausal Womenin Community

TONG Xiu-mei,DU Xue-ping,SUN Yan-ge.

2937 Construction of General Practitioner Service Team in Local Community:A SWOT Analysis

HUANG Yan-hui,YU Chang-ze,WANG Jia-ji,et al.

2941 Performance Appraisal Method under General Practitioner Team Model

WANG Xin, YU Chang-ze, WANG Jia-ji.

2944 Establishment of Evaluation Index System for General Practitioner Service Team in Guangdong Province

YU Chang-ze, ZHOU Zhi-heng, HUANG Yan-hui, et al.

2948 Prevalence and Risk Factor Analysis of Exercise Induced Desaturation in Patients with Moderate to Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Stable Stage

HOU Gang, LI Peng, LI Wen-yang, et al.

2951 Clinical Analysis of the Short-term Prognosis of Ischemic Stroke According to Chinese Ischemic Stroke Sub-classification

FU Na-na, YUAN Wei, SHI Zheng-hong.

2954 Reliability and Validity of the Public Assessment Scale on Meteorological Service of Heat Emergency

HUA Jing, PENG Li,WU Zhuo-chun, et al.

2959 Changes of Blood Gas Analysis and Electrolyte in Patients with Severe and Critical Influenza AH1N1

ZHANG Xue-jun, ZHANG Qing, XING Zhi-li, et al.

2962 The Long Term Effect of Different Delivery Modes on Lower Urinary Tract Function of Young Primipara

LIANG Yi-heng,DENG Xiao-lin,LIU Ping,et al.

2965 Early Antiviral Therapy for HIV Infection and the Influencing Factors of Medication Adherence in Xinjiang Province

MA Yuan-yuan,HU Xiao-yuan,CHEN Xue-ling,et al.

2969 Dynamic Observation of Joint Control Rate of Blood Glucose,Lipid and Pressure for Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetesin Community

LI Yue, SHEN Dong-yun, ZHANG Wei, et al.

2972 Effect of Aranidipine on Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index in Patients with Mild to Moderate Essential Hypertension

CHEN Li,JIANG Hong,HUA Qi,et al.

2976 Effects of the Different Laxatives in the Treatment of Senile Functional Constipation

LI Min-li,ZHANG Xiao-hua,ZHU Ren-min,et al.

2979 Comparison of Training Program of Rural General Practitioners between China and USA

LU Ruo-yan, ZHANG Xiao-li, LIANG Dong, et al.

2981 Application of Information Technology in General Practitioner Community Teaching Base

HE Zhi-hong,HAN Zheng-zheng,ZHANG Lei,et al.

2985 The Basic Condition of General Medical Teachers in Hainan Province

HUANG Hai-rong, CHEN Lu, CHEN Xiao-fang, et al.


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