February 2013, Volume 16, No.4 Contents in Brief

 366 Comprehensive Reform of Community Health Service in Different Regions in China under Perspective of Patients

WU Ning,LIU Han,ZHANG Li-fang,et al.

370 Structural Equation Model on Influencing Factors of Job Satisfaction of Community Health Service Staff

HUANG Zhen-xin,ZHANG Ying,JIN Juan

374 Feasibility on Broadening Health Management Function in Community Health Services

LI Jun-rong,MA Fang,LI Xiao-ye.

377 Effect of Pooling Funds of Outpatient Service in Medical Insurance on Increasing Utilization of Primary Health Care Services for Community Residents

LUO Yan,FENG Hui,HE Guo-ping,et al.

380 Evaluation on Implementation of Community Health Policies in Four Pilot Cities

LI Jian,CUI Yue-ying,FENG Rui-hua,et al.

383 Impact of Bao′an District Community Health System Reform on Hypertension Management and Control

CHEN Li,LI Jia,XIA Ting-song,et al.

386 Impact of Diabetes Occurrence on Health Related Quality of Life

WANG Xue-yong,ZHENG Wei-jun,WANG Xiao-yan.

390 Use Risk Assessment Scale to Screen Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome among Old Chinese People

ZHANG Jun-li,WANG Chun-mei,WANG Yan.

392 Correlation of WNK1 Gene Polymorphism with Antihyperactive Effect of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

LIU Jie-lin,LIU Ya,WANG Zuo-guang,et al.

396 Colposcope Combined with Cervical Conization for the Early Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

CAO Shu-jun,SHI Hua-zhen,ZHU Chun-mei,et al.

399 Efficacy of Transparent Cap-fitted Colonoscopy in Diagnosis of Colonic Polyps

SANG Hua-chao,ZHANG Chun-yan,SHENG Hong,et al.

401 Retrospective Analysis of High-risk Factors for Early Pregnant Women in 3 Years

MA Chun-yun,ZHANG Ying-shuang.

403 Relationship between IgG4 and Connective Tissue Disease with Interstitial Lung Disease

LU Fu-aiLIU YuanAN Yanet al.

406 Qualitative Research about Delayed Reasons of Visit and Diagnosis of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

SU LiSUN Yu-meiLIN Ke-keet al.

409 Status of Quality of Life in Civil Servants in Guangdong Province and Its Impacting Factors

LU Yan,XU Jun,QIU Jin-cai,et al.

413 Epidemiological Survey of Asthma Condition and Risk Factors in Jinzhou City

CHAI Wen-shuZHANG Duo-duoPAN Dian-zhuet al.

415 Requirements of Grass-root General Practitioners in Jiangxi for Job-transfer Training and the Countermeasures

GUO Hua,ZHANG Jun-jie,LI Sheng-hua,et al.

420 Effect of Family Health Investigation on Occupational Tendency of Students from Clinical Medical Specialty (GP Direction)

HE Ping, ZHAO Xiao-yun, LUO Li-gang, et al.

425 Comparison of Three Pricing Methods and Two Pricing Models for Essential Drugs

ZHANG Huan-yu,WEI Guan,SHAO Rong.

427 Investigation on Interest Distribution Model for Bidirectional Referral in Regional New Rural Cooperative Medical Service

LI Wei-ming,TAO Chun-lian,CHEN Ye-xi,et al.



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