June 2013, Volume 16, No.16 Contents in Brief

 1829 Construction of Incentive and Restraint Mechanism of Dual ReferralFrom the Angle of Basic Medical Care Insurance

LEI Guang-he.

1833 Study on Community Nurses Manpower Deployment of Community Health Service Team:Based on Job Analysis

SU Ning,PENG Ying-chun.

1836 Costing Study on Community Health Service Center

LU Fang,SANG Xiu-yan.

1841 Employees′ Satisfaction on the Performance Management in Community Health Service Organizations

WANG Xian-chu,HAO Xiao-ning,WU Yun-hui,et al.

1844 Influencing Factors of Patients′ Satisfaction with Community Health Services in Xicheng District of Beijing

FENG Shi,LI Wei,LU Xiao-qin.

1847 Allocation of Health Resource and Service Evaluation Based on New Medical Reform in Urban Communities in Nantong

GENG Jin-song,HUANG Li-min,DONG Jian-cheng,et al.

1850 Clinical and Coronary Angiography Characteristics of Coronary Heart Disease Patients with Different Glucose Tolerance

XU Qian,XUE Yan-mei,LIU Kuan-zhi,et al.

1854 Correlation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Bronchogenic Carcinoma

GAO Zhi-guo.

1856 The Correlation of H Type Hypertension and Prognosis of Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction

WANG Jing,LIU Jing-jing,WU Yang,et al.

1859 Impact of Red Cell Distribution Width on Prognosis in Elderly Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

YI Xin, HU Feng-huan.

1862 Factors Impacting Self-management among Diabetes Patients in Communities

LIU Wei-wei,WANG Yuan-yuan,HAO Dong-hui,et al.

1865 Clinical Features of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis and Virus Infection in Patients with Fever of Unkown Origin

TIAN Geng, WANG Huan-ling, WANG Jing.

1868 Clinical Characteristis of Primary Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-associated Vasculitis with Diffuse Interstitial Lung Diseases

SUN Yue, FANG Qiu-Hong, MA Ying-Min, et al.

1872 Effect of Tea Polyphenols on Cognitive Function and Inflammatory Factors in Patients with Maintenance Hemodialysis

LIU Xue-yi, ZHANG Jing,GAO Shan-lin,et al.

1874 Fetal and Maternal Levels of Insulin and Free Fatty Acid in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

ZHU Zi-qiang, CAO Fang, HUANG Rui-ping, et al.

1877 Statistical Analysis on Medicine Purchasing Behavior Pattern of Rural Residents

XU Li,CHEN Jun-yi.

1882 Thoughts and Suggestions on Setting Master of Medicine Education for General Practitioners On-the-job

LIU Yong,LUO Dian-zhong,HUANG Tian-ren.

1884 Status Quo and Promotion Strategies of General Practice Human Resources in Rural Communities of Huzhou City

JIANG Pei-yu,SHEN Zhi-kun,CHEN Wan-yu.

1887 Feasibility Study on Tele-home Health Management System Construction for the Elderly

ZHANG Dong-ni,AI Yu-hua,SUN Yao,et al.


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