The 6th Cross-Strait Congress of General Practitioners was successfully held!

Spring March is like a sweet song and a hundred flowers bloom. With the theme of "Seize the Opportunity to Deepen the Integration and Development of General Practice ", the 6th Cross-Strait Congress of General Practitioners was successfully held in Zhengzhou during March 29-31 in 2019 at this beautiful time!

A total of 243 experts of general practice from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan as well as more than 3,600 general practitioners attended this conference.

The "Dr. Guodong Li Scholarship" established by the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians was presented during the conference. This scholarship is funded by Dr. Guodong Li to support the development of general practice and to cultivate the backbone of family medicine.

The Asia-Pacific Youth General Practitioners Forum was set up at this conference. The forum was jointly organized by the China General Practice Youth League and the WONCA Asia Pacific Youth Committee. Its theme was “Young General Practitioners Share the Future”.

The Cross-Strait Congress of General Practitioners has gone through six years of glory. It will continue to work for the further development of the cross-strait general practice and move forward!



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