The 46th NAPCRG Annual Meeting

The 46thAnnual Meeting of NAPCRG is held from 9th to 13th November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. In 2018, the NAPCRG meeting is chock full of more than 800 research sessions, consisting of plenary sessions, oral presentations, workshops, panels, forums, and posters,  and more than 1,100 primary-care and health researchers from around the world.

The NAPCRG Annual Meeting is fantastic; however, NAPCRG is more than this yearly gathering. NAPCRG supports a number of exciting programs all yearlong, such as the Grant Generating Project (GGP), the Patient and Clinician Engagement (PaCE) program, and the Building Research Capacity (BRC) fellowship. Learn about these and other NAPCRG programs at “NAPCRG University.” Or, visit the NAPCRG web site. (

What’s so special about the 46thAnnual Meeting of NAPCRG?  Not only because the NAPCRG Annual Meeting is the largest primary care research meeting of its kind, but also it’s a nurturing, supportive environment that inspires all primary care researchers to be more creative and innovative. 


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