2019 CGPP Meeting Calendar(1)


Meeting titles








29-31 March







6th Cross-Strait General Practice Conference

General practice policy and development

Reforms and development in primary care

Internet+general practice management

Constraction of general practice base and talents training

Cardiovascular diseases

Endocrine diseases

Respiratory Diseases

Hospital field trip









13-17 May







10th National Faculty Traning

Medical humanities

GPs' professionalism and skills

Teaching methods of general practice faculties

Clinical thinking and evaluation

Core competencies and evaluation of general practice faculties

Clinical operation and practice

Community prevention and health care









14-16 June







11th Cross-Straits Health and Wellness Forum

Health policy and cross-strait cooperation and development

Hospital management and medical services

Medical service and endowment combination

Rational use of drugs

Biomedical policy and industrial development

Mobile health and informatization

Health management







26-30 June





2019 General Practice Summit Forum

Construction and development of general practice

Talents training in new era

Faculty training and assessments

Design of faculty training plan and its implement

Public health in primary care

Chronic disease management

Cardiovascular disease prevention and management


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