Training Courses for Editors and Authors

 International Ethical Seminar of Medical Journal Editors and Advanced Training Class of Medical Journal Editors held by Chinese General Practice Press in Beijing, P.R. China, June 2013. In this seminar and training class, world famous experts and scholars have given lectures and presentations about the development of editorial ethics, norms and experience of international medical periodicals. The experts and scholars include Suzanne Morris, ombudsperson of COPE; Michael Berkwits, former secretary general of ICMJE and deputy Editor-in-Chief of JAMA; Douglas G. Altman, person in charge of EQUATOR and professor of biostatistics in University of Oxford; David Moher, person in charge of CONSORT working group, professor of public health and epidemiology in University of Ottawa and a member of the expert group of WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform; and Francis P. Crawley, executive chairman of GCPA. A total of 186 representatives from 115 periodical presses or editorial offices in China have taken part in the seminar and training class. The success of this seminar and class marks the comprehensive development of the editorial and publishing ethics of Chinese medical periodicals from theoretical stage into practice.

Advanced training class of the topic selection and design of medical scientific research and the article writing and submission for international medical periodicals was held by Chinese General Practice Press in Beijing, P.R. China, July 2013.David Moher, person in charge of CONSORT working group and Professor Douglas Altman, Professor Michael Berkwits, secretary general of ICJME were invited to attend this training class. By face-to-face training, interactive communication and case analysis, the attendees made discussions about the common problems facing clinical doctors in the process of writting and publishing articles. The training class has significantly improved the academic writing ability of the participating researchers. 









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