Chinese General Practice Introduction


        The Journal of Chinese General Practice (CGP) is the first professional periodical of general practice in China, which broadly advances primary health care, general practice and family medicine in rapid health system reform and development. It has been following the footsteps of the development of Chinas general practice since 1990s. CGP truly reflects the history and current development of Chinese general practice and community health services, and plays a leading role in academic journals in the discipline. CGP is a publication administrated by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC, which is widely acknowledged as the key resource for medical practitioners, health researchers and policy makers and well-known databases in China and abroad.

CGP has published all together 474 issues by September 2015, with around 30 articles in each issue. CGP was ranked the third among the clinical medical journals of Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database (CSTPCD) in 2014.  The impact factor of CGP was evaluated to be 0.899 in the latest Chinese Journal Citation Reports (2014), with a total citation frequency of 5716 times by 2014.  The distribution of CGP has covered nearly all the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and special administrative regions in China and 37 organizations abroad.

Besides CGP, the Chinese General Practice Press (CGPP) has also released other two Chinese journals, including Journal of Clinical Rational Drug Use and Practice Journal of Cardiac Cerebral Pneumal and Vascular Disease and  a Chinese newspaper, Clinical Rational Drug Use of Hospital Management Forum, and an English journal, Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH).

By September 2015, Journal of Clinical Rational Drug Use has been published for 90 issues. Practice Journal of Cardiac Cerebral Pneumal and Vascular Disease has been published for 170 issues. Clinical Rational Drug Use of Hospital Management Forum has been published for 3 issues; and FMCH has been published for 10 issues.


About FMCH

In recent years, CGP has achieved fast development and widespread influence in China and has also gained increasingly more attention and recognition from the world. Given this achievement and foundation, CGPP has strived to serve as a bridge between China and the world in the aspect of communication and exchanges about family medicine/general practice and community health. In order to better serve this purpose, CGPP established an English journal named Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH).

  FMCH was established as an internationally focused open-access journal devoted to subjects that are common and relevant to family medicine/general practice and community health. The journal was developed to provide a window for Chinese and international colleagues to exchange knowledge and experience in general practice and community health services. It better introduces the current status and experience of general practice in China and also brings in excellent experience of general practice abroad, promoting GP development in China and common GP development in the whole world.

FMCH was established as an affiliated journal to CGP. CGPP provides funds, article resources, publishing conditions and all the other necessary supports for FMCH.

For more information about FMCH, see its official website


Aims and Scope

CGP plays its roles in three layers: general practice and research, community health management and innovation, as well as primary health care policy and advocacy. It serves indispensable support to evidence-based practice, informed community health service, and healthcare reform, for the ultimate goal of bettering quality of life of people through accessible, effective and equitable primary health care. The journal publishes scientific articles that are presented to health professionals, healthcare managers and government officials across all levels and regions.

        CGP covers following topics:

-            General practice education and training

-            General practice management and evaluation

-            General practice scholarly and clinical research

-            Best practices in general practice

-            General practice and community health innovation

-            Health care reform policy and guideline development

-            Community-based primary care

-            Community health leadership development

-            Health economics of community health

-            International experiences of general practice and community health

-            Family doctor service model,

-            Management of chronic diseases,

-            Degenerative diseases,

-            Chronic pain,

-            Mental/psychological diseases,

-            Infectious diseases,

-            Male diseases,

-            Gynecological disease,

-            Pediatric diseases,

-            Geriatric diseases,

-            Basic medicine system and the utilization of medicine at primary level,

-            Community health service management and new information technologies.


Quality Feature

       CGP follows national and international protocols of periodical publications. All submitted articles are peer reviewed through rigid three-level review process.



-            Community doctors

-            Doctors who provide primary care in hospitals

-            Educators, trainers and supervisors of general practice

-            Community health managers

-            Government officials 

-            Researchers of general practice and community health service.



-            World General Practice/Family Medicine,

-            Chinese General Practice/Community Health Service,

-            General Practice Education and Continuous Professional Development,

-            General Practitioner Competencies-Imaging Diagnosis,

-            General Practice Education,

-            Original Research,

-            Monographic Research,

-            Methodological Research,

-            Case Reports,

-            Investigations,

-            Hot Topics,

-            Food and Nutrition,

-            Sharing of Data Researches,

-            Clinical Practice Tips,

-            Traditional Chinese Medicine,

-            Chronic Disease Management,

-            Socio-psychological Behaviors,

-            Evidence Based Medicine,

-            Cutting Edge,

-            General Practice Knowledge Updates,

-            Reader Services.


Impact Factor

        The impact factor of CGP was evaluated to be 0.899 in the latest Chinese Journal Citation Reports (2014).


Database Indexation

CGP is currently indexed by following Chinese databases:

-            A Guide to the Core Journal of China (GCJC, 2014)

-            Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports, 2014)

-            Chinese Sciences Citation Database (CSCD, 2015-2016)

-            China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)

-            Wan Fang Database

-            VIP Database

-            Chinese Medical Current Contents

-            Chinese Core Database of Peking University (2014)

CGP is currently indexed by following international databases:

-            Chemical Abstracts (CA, America),

-            Excerpta Medica (EM, Netherlands),

-            Abstracts Journal (AJ, Russia),  

-            Index Copemicus (IC, Poland),

-            EMBiology,

-            EMCare,

-            Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM).

-            Ulrich

-            Scopus


Supervised by

National Health and Family Planning Commission, P.R.C


Administered by

Chinese Hospital Association

Room 101, Building A, #20 Hepingxiyuan, Heping Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100013, China


Academic Advisor

Professor John Murtagh, AM (Australia, Professor of General Practice)


Honorary Chairman

Ronggui Cao (former Vice Health Minister of China)



Dr Changming Li (former Director of Primary Care and Community Health of MOH China)


Vice Chairmen

-            Shanzhu Zhu

-            Bowen Chen

-            Xueping Du

-            Hua Fu

-            Hui  Yang



Dr Jianjun Han

President of the Journal



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